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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Happy Birthday!


May all your wish come true and we will always love and support you, no matter when and where.

Hope you have wonderful birthday celebration!!!

Here's some exclusive pictures from The DOP main cast are posing for promotional pics. Hope to see them published soon! Credits to Winnie, Bowie's PA.

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A banner I made from episode 20. Beautiful tears!


Elizabeth said...

Wow! Is it Charmaine's birthday? Anyway, Happy Birthday Chamaine! May you always be as happy and usccessfula s you are now!

Helen said...

Like the promotion pictures. In the "cool" version, Ada looked so fierce. Charmaine is cute in her new hairstyle. But I still prefer her to put it down. She looked so angelic in the right picture of the banner.
Thanks Sehseh for the pictures.

Happy Birthday to Charm and wish her good health and happiness.

Anonymous said...

Qingwa Said...

Happy Birthday to Charmaine

All best wishes go to you :D

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARMAINE!!! I love you and will always support you.

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