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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Gigi: Charmaine's singing is very nice!

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Gigi laughed off the allegations that she was displeased.

Yesterday, Gigi who was filming "Supercops" in TVB studio was asked to comment on the allegation that she called Charmaine "squeaky voice" after losing out the chance to sing DOP subtheme.

When interviewed, Gigi was smiling, showing that she was not displeased for not being able to sing the subtheme. "I heard Charmaine's song, she sang very well. I'm sure the song will be popular. I'm not a singer anyway, my priority is filming series."

A few days ago, Gigi was absent during DOP promotional activity, hinting that she's unhappy about not singing the subtheme. Gigi explained: "I was unable to attend because of stomach cramps, not because I was unhappy." When the reporters mentioned that DOP casts seems to have more rumours lately, Gigi replied: "Well, that's because the media is helping us to publicize the series! We understand what is happening."

Yesterday's news:
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Gigi Accused Charmaine of Having a 'Squeaky' Voice?
Translated by dee-lush.

Dance of Passion begins airing today. This television drama has been heaving promoted by TVB with many functions supporting this series. Yesterday Charmaine Sheh and Bowie Lam attended a promotion event. The stars attended in their costumes and played games with the audience. Bowie and Charmaine performed the main and sub theme song. Gigi Lai who promised to attend the function did not end up going due to injuries.

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It was Kenny Wong's birthday, so his 'wives' gave him a kiss.

Recently, it has been rumoured that Gigi is extremely unhappy about not being able to sing the main or sub theme song. It is said that she said that Charmaine was not fit to sing and had a ‘squeaky’ voice. As Gigi did not attend the function yesterday, this issue is very suspicious. Although Charmaine has not read these articles, she commented, “I do not believe Gigi said that. People said that I had a squeaky voice since I entered the industry.” When the reporters pointed out that there have been a lot less rumours regarding the cast of Dance of Passion than War and Beauty, Charmaine smiled and thanked the press for not making up stories.


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More updates, pics in progress

Hmm... from the pics, it seems that Charmaine has gained some weight. I'm happy, because she looks much healthier now :)

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