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Friday, May 19, 2006

Free soup for Charmaine

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Yesterday, Liza Wang, Paul Chun and Charmaine Sheh filmed an outdoor scene for their new series [Pearl of Orient]. In one scene, Paul was scolded terribly by Liza. Charmaine is Paul's daughter in the series. Paul joked that he's also afraid of Liza in real life (referring Liza recents news of being upset with some govt dept).

Charmaine said that she doesn't feel any pressure working with Liza. She was asked whether Liza is really stern and fierce. Charmaine smiled: "Not fierce, not really stern. She also jokes sometimes and I never seen her scold anyone." Charmaine also said that working with Liza help her to learn new things. Plus, because Liza's maid always cook soups for Liza, Charmaine get to have free meals too!

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