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Monday, May 01, 2006

DOP Story Synopsis

Below is my translation of the summary taken from DOP official site. I apologize in advance if I made any mistakes. I'm now in midst of translating the characters description. If reposted, please give proper credits.


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Far north, lays an uncultivated land. On this vast plateau, the people are simple and the Yim clan has long lived there. In early years, epidemic struck and half of the clan population died. At that time, Sung clan ancestor has just arrived and taught Yim clan how to cure the disease using gunpowder. In the end, Yim clan was saved from extermination and was taught by Sung clan the technique of producing firecrackers, making them flourish. Because of this, Yim clan ancestor passed on the decree that no matter life or death, the Sung clan must be treated kindly, never to disobey.

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Hence forth, Yim and Sung clan co-existed on the plains. However, Sung clansmen were not fruitful, after three generation, none of them are useful and relied on Yim clan. Yim clansmen view the Sung's as their parasite, but did not dare to protest because their ancestor’s decree until Yim Man Hei (Bowie) became the chief. Ruthless and brutal, Hei seized every opportunity to drive Sung clansmen away and revive the Yim clan.

At the beginning of the story, Song clansmen Sung Tung Shing (Moses), a man who is stubborn in love; disregarded the village rules and boldly fell in love with Yim clan widow. After their relationship was exposed, they were punished by [Sky Torching]. Shing did not fear death, but feared witnessing his lover dying tragically in front of him. Shing loudly rebuke Yim chief for being heartless and not knowing what is love. Hei insisted of abide the rules and lighted the firecrackers on Shing's body. The firecrackers exploded halfway when it suddenly pours and Shing survived. He was subsequently expelled from Sung clan and the village forever.

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Though Shing survived, he lost his will in life. At his lowest moment, he met Ka Chun Fen (Charmaine), who took pity on him. In order to give Shing a hope in life again, she does not hesitate to climb up the mountains and retrieved the shoe left by his dead lover. Shing was touched and decided to leave and start anew. Fen thought a good turn deserve another, but it turns out that Shing was actually her fiancé and because he had broke the rules, their engagement was broken as well. From that moment on, Fen was branded as jinxed.

Two years later, using his father's funeral as an excuse, Shing returned to the plains. On the appearance, Shing wanted to fulfill his filial duties, but his true intentions are taking revenge for his dead lover, targeting on Yim Man Hei.

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Sung Tung Yeung (Kenny), the eldest son of Sung clan chief was also Shing's best friend. He helped Shing to reclaim his status in the household and treated him with sincerity. However, all Shing could think of was vengeance and he used his friendship with Yeung. He was determined to help Yeung to become Sung clan's chief so that he could use Yeung's power to fight Hei. However, Yeung's stepmother Chew Yuk (Ada) was the head of Sung clan. In order to protect the future of her own son Sung Tung Hiu, she refused to let Yeung claim his birthright. By chance, she found out that Yeung was sterile; therefore she swore that if Yeung's wife Shu Long Yuet (Maggie) could give birth, Yuk will immediately hand over her position. Although Shing knew Yeung was sterile, he tried a lot of suggestion, including urging Yeung to 'borrow seeds'. In the end, Yeung does not want to hurt Yuet's feelings and gave up on this idea. When Yuk want Yeung to marry a concubine, which is Fen, Yeung thought that Fen was another spy sent by Yuk, therefore he stayed away from Fen. In addition, on their wedding day, Fen's parent died in an attack by the bandits, therefore she has to mourn for a year and their wedding was postponed. Shing's plan failed one after another and thought of abducting Tung Hiu instead. At a critical moment, he bumped into his benefactor Fen again and felt apologetic when he found out that she was his ex-fiancée. In addition, he met the father of his dead lover Mao To, thus he gave up on this method of revenge and Hiu was saved. From thereon, Shing and Yuk relationship was strained.

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Chew Yuk, though a woman, kept her guards against everyone because of her painful experience. When Yeung's father was terminally ill, he wanted Yuk to be buried along with him. Fortunately, servant Gwai Lan (Helen Ma) found out about his intention and rescued Yuk from death. Yuk was grateful, while the real reason Gwai Lan helped Yuk was because she once has an affair with Yeung's father and was forced to abort her baby. After that incident Yuk and Lan supported one another.

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Yuk always place Hiu's importance first, paving a path for his future. However, Hiu died after an accident, causing Yuk to lose interest in life and passed the power to Yeung. Shing, who is now Yeung's trusted assistant, finally has enough power to fight Hei...

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