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Monday, May 01, 2006

DOP Special Booklet

TVB Mag Issue 463 will feature a 34 page special booklet highlighting various information such as cast, storyline, scenes, background etc. The pictures below are scanned by Bebe from Please give proper credits if re-posted.

Plus: Other mag scans from same issue

DOP Premiere:

Phoenix Quartet:

I will do translation if time permits. I have yet to upload all the recent pics and articles I've found relating DOP so please be patient - I'm overloaded with DOP stuff! Argh... need time to sort them out.

p.s. I have a tiny favor to ask: For those who is watching DOP, could you please rip the ending theme? The title is 《黄沙中的恋人》 and it was sung by Charmaine :)

1 comment:

sehseh said...

The correct title of the subtheme should be《黄沙中的恋人》.

Sorry for the mistake.

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