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Monday, May 01, 2006

DOP Characters Synopsis

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Name: Yim Man Hei (Bowie Lam)
Age: 35
Personality: Handle matters with ruthless precision, farsighted, always trying to outdo the others, aggressive, disregard other's feeling, controlling everything. The head of Yim clan, no one dared to challenge his orders. However, a hero can never go through the beauty's barrier - he may appear to be unfeeling on the surface, but deep down he is very sentimental and due to this sentiment, he brought dishonor upon himself beyond redemption.

Hei's parent passed away at early age, leaving him and his younger brother Man Tin to rely on one another. Due to an accident, Hei became deaf. However, Hei was wise, decisive and his capabilities receive recognition from Yim clan chief Kwok Yip, who took him as his godson and passed the position over to Hei when he retired. After Hei became the chief, he handles matters ruthlessly in order to conceal his deaf. Under his leadership, Yim clan prospered and expanded.

After several generations, Yim and Sung clan began to dispute repeatedly over money and power. Hei began to detest Sung clan, and hope that the Sung will leave Yim's mansion. However, Sung clan was large, amongst them Sung Tung Yeung is his biggest opposition. To suppress Yeung, Hei supported Chew Yuk to be the head of Sung and manipulated the power balance. However, Yeung persisted on and in addition of Shing's involvement, the clash between the two clans became more intense, with more treachery and struggles to follow.

Previously, when Shing was punished for committing adultery with Yim's widow Mao Siu Cheuk, Hei disregarded they're truly in love and mercilessly carried out the sentence. Shing watched his lover burned alive by [Sky Torching] and he swore that as long as he's alive, he will take revenge on Hei.

Two years later, using his father's funeral as an excuse, Shing returned to fulfill his filial duties. He does not hesitate to use his best friend Sung Tung Yeung and plotted to help Yeung take control of Sung household. He launches a succession of plot against Hei. Hei realized that Shing has ill intentions and managed to counter the obstacles with his intelligence and abilities. On the other hand, his godfather Yip repeatedly challenges him, causing Hei to face attack from the back.

In order to have offspring, Hei married a woman who has no feelings for him - Gai Ming Fung; a strong, defiant woman. In the beginning, Fung thought that Hei was a heartless and cruel person, after going through twist and turns, their relationship improved. After Fung found out that Hei was deaf, she fell sorry for him and unwittingly fell deeply in love with him. Slowly, Fung replaced Man Tin position and became Hei's most trusted assistant. To strengthen Hei's position in Yim's household, Fung gives birth to a son and reversed the situation - Yip position was weakened and Hei gained most power.

Name: Sung Tung Shing (Moses Chan)
Age: 25
Personality: Firm, rebellious, doing anything as pleased, unregretful. Faithful in love, he fell for Yim's widow Siu Cheuk, but their relationship was not accepted by the clansmen, thus Siu Cheuk was sentenced to [Sky Torching] by Yim Man Hei. From thereon, Shing became unpredictable - not only he wanted to take revenge on Hei; he also vented his anger on Sung's chief Chew Yuk, using his best friend Yeung to hurt Yuk.

Descendant of Sung clan. He originally has a marriage contract, but he did not hesitate to break the engagement and disregard the rules by falling in love with Yim's widow Siu Cheuk. Both of them were sentenced to death penalty [Firecracker Tangle] and [Sky Torching]. However, Shing survived because a sudden rain drenched the exploding firecrackers on his body. He was hence expelled from the village. Shing was not regretful, even though his body was wounded, but the anguish from watching Siu Cheuk being burned alive was beyond comparison. Grieved, Shing planned to die with Siu Cheuk but he bump into Ka Chun Fen; who was out looking for water source. After Fen's encouragement, Shing has renewed confidence and pledge to revenge against Hei.

Two years later, Shing returned to the village after his father passed away. Hei knew Shing's intention to return was not as simple as that, but he did not prevent Shing and allowed him to stay and fulfill his filial duties. Shing's first step to revenge was successful, and began to launch a succession of revenge scheme, using his best friend Yeung to achieve his goals.

Shing found out that Chew Yuk will only allow Yeung to inherit the position of Sung clan chief if he has children. However, Shing also knew that Yeung was sterile, therefore he proposed to Yeung to use his wife Shu Long Yuet to 'borrow seeds'. Yeung has no choice and reluctantly agreed. In the end, Yeung changed his mind because he doesn't want to hurt Yuet's feelings. With his initial plan backfiring, Shing then abducted Yeung's stepbrother Sung Tung Hiu. Without her son, Yuk will lose her position as Sung clan's chief. In the beginning, the plan goes perfectly - however at that moment, an unexpected person appeared; Chun Fen. His savior turns out to his ex-fiancée, and because of him breaking the engagement, Fen has been branded as jinxed, no one ever asked her hand in marriage since. After two years, because Yuk wanted to expose that Yeung was sterile, she decided to marry Fen to Yeung as concubine. The two met again and because Shing does not want to implicate Fen, he released Tung Hiu.

Shing was dejected that his hope for getting revenge was fruitless, therefore he decided to leave. However, Hei suddenly asked him to stay and help him. Shing doesn't understand why Hei was willing to take such risk. He stayed by Hei and waited for an opportunity to avenge on him. Shing knew that Hei wanted to humiliate him, but he was willing to be lowly, while learning the secrets of manufacturing firecrackers...

Name: Chew Yuk (Ada Choi)
Age: 32
Personality: Strong, firm, observant,decisive, ruthless and difficult. Loving towards her own son Tung Hiu, after her husband died she was afraid they will be bullied, therefore she used every means to hold onto the head position of Sung household. Yuk wholeheartedly paved the future for Tung Hiu, but unfortunately Tung Hiu died after an accident. This was a huge blow to Yuk and she hands over her position. She finally saw the cold truth of the world, the black and white of life and also understands that the death of her son was retribution from her own deeds. Yuk decides to turn over a new leaf.

Chew Yuk married the old Song Ben as a second wife and gave birth to a son Tung Hiu several years later. All along she has been living the life of an ordinary housewife until Song Ben was struck with terminal disease. Sung Ben saw that Yuk was still young and beautiful, therefore he was worried that she will have an affair and dishonor his family after he died. He tried to murder Yuk, but fortunately Yuk managed to escape. In addition, with the help of Gwai Lan, she manage to forge the will and take hold of Sung's household.

After Yuk becomes the head, she is responsible in balancing the relationship between Sung and Yim. Though the previous generations has treated each other like brothers, but the present generations are conflicting over money and power. Yim clan chief Yim Man Hei was dominating, he secretly plots to drive the Sung's away from the plains. Yuk understand Hei's intention, but for her own benefits, she does not hesitate to conspire with Hei and intensify the conflicts between the two clans. Sung's eldest son Tung Yeung was extremely discontented with her actions.

Yuk knew that Yeung plan to overthrow her position and manage the Sung household himself, so she does not care about moral values and often brought up the topic of daughter-in-law Shu Ye Yuet inability to have children. She want to expose that Yeung was sterile through his concubine Fen.

Yuk decides to expose that Yeung was sterile; that he couldn't have children thus not worthy to be Sung household successor. Yuet tried to prevent and this infuriate Yuk, causing Yuk to beat her mercilessly. Yuet loves her husband deeply and decided to kill herself to stop Yuk. Wanting to dispose Yeung, Yuk does not rescue Yuet from danger, but fortunately Yuet survived. However, due to Yuk own negligence, Tung Hiu died in an accident.

This served a huge blow to Yuk and she lost her goal in life. In the end, she gave up her position and allows Yeung to become Sung clan new chief. Even though Hei knew Yuk has lost her significance to him, he still supports her and they began to develop feelings for each other. Hei already has a wife Fung, and because he is the head of Yim clan, he could not break free through the moral shackles and they decide let their feelings go...

Name: Ka Chun Fen (Charmaine Sheh)
Age: 20
Personality: Sympathetic, sense of justice, sentimental, keeps her promises and seeks to requite. The fortune teller predicted her to be "Bringing bad luck to husband, a wanton woman with a tumultuous life". Fen refused to believe the prophecy and determined to change her destiny.

Living under the mountains, Fen was born in a poor family and endured a hard life. Because a fortune teller once predicted her to be "Bringing bad luck to husband, a wanton woman with a tumultuous life", Fen conduct herself carefully.

Her parents finally manage to arrange a marriage for her with a family from town, Fen was joyful because she thought at last she could defeat fate. Unfortunately, on the eve of her wedding, she met the heavily wounded Sung Tung Shing who was punished and expelled for committing adultery. Fen was sympathetic and saved Shing, encouraging him to start anew again.

Fen was puzzled when her wedding was suddenly canceled. After she found out that her future husband was expelled for committing adultery, she realized that the man she rescued was her fiancé. Her parents were disappointed and thought the prophecy was true. Although Fen feels helpless, she is not willing to accept fate.

Two years has passed and Fen has another opportunity to marry Sung clan young master Sung Tung Yeung as a concubine. Sung clan chief Chew Yuk indicated that because Yeung has yet to have children, she hopes Fen will help him to do so. Fen happily marries up the mountains, but on her way she met a huge sandstorm and got separated from the wedding entourage. Fortunately, she was rescued by a kind stranger. When she wanted to express her gratefulness to her rescuer, to her shock she found out that he was a bandit. Besides herself, the bandit also abducted Yim Man Hei's bride; Gai Ming Fung. The bandit was attracted to their beauty and wanted to rape them. Together, they join forces to kill the bandit and escaped. However, Fen feared that her wedding will be affected when the others knew they stayed in a same room with the bandit. Therefore, Fen and Fung destroyed the corpse, leaving no evidence behind. They pledge to keep this event their lifelong secret.

At last, Fen manages to marry into Sung clan. The truth is; her marriage was arranged by Yuk to expose that Yeung was sterile. Yeung has been opposing the marriage, thus he was harsh to Fen. Yuk forced Fen to marry Yeung but at that moment, Fen's parent was killed by bandits. Yeung use this as an excuse to postpone the wedding for one year, so that Fen could observe mourning. Yuk was angry and let Fen stay in Sung mansion, ordering Yeung to marry Fen immediately after the period of one year.

Now homeless, Fen has no choice but to stay at Sung's mansion. Yeung continues to ignore Fen, who was oblivious to the real reason he did so. She thought that Yeung dislike her because of her prophecy for bringing bad luck to her husband, therefore ignoring her. Fen decide to win over Yeung, however her actions aroused the jealousy of Yeung's wife Shu Ye Yuet, making Yeung to despise Fen more. Fen did her best to please Yeung, hoping to improve their relationship. At this moment, she re-encounters Shing.

Name: Gai Ming Fung (Gigi Lai)
Age: 23
Personality: Intelligent, quick-witted, righteous, resolute, unyielding; born in a wealthy family, educated and knowledgeable, she dare to challenge the old tradition, bravely love and hate. Deep down inside, she's still a traditional woman, when she truly fall for someone, she will do anything for him.

Born in a wealthy family, Fung has studied abroad in the city since young age. After graduating, she plans to use her education to do something useful. Fate played a trick on her when her father suddenly fell sick and her family became poor; so her brother Gai Tin De married her off for money - to someone she has no feeling for; Yim Man Hei. This changed Fung's life forever.

Fung and Hei's younger brother Man Tin were schoolmates and lovers. Before Fung marries Hei, she planned to elope with Tin, but Tin doesn't dare to defy Hei and rejected Fung's request. Fung was angry and decided to marry into Yim family, becoming Tin's sister-in-law to make Tin regretful for the rest of his life.

Fung and Fen were married up to the mountains on the same day. In the middle of their journey, sandstorm struck and they almost died. Fortunately, they were rescued by a 'kind stranger'. They felt thankful but at the same moment they realized that they were captured by a bandit. The bandit was attracted to their beauty and wanted to rape them. They both join forces to kill the bandit and escaped. However, Fen was worried that once the incident spread out, their names will be tainted. Fen begged Fung to help and they thought of burning all the evidence. This will be their lifelong secret.

On the night of their wedding, Fung found out that Hei has a cruel and unreasonable personality. Their prejudice deepens and Fung hated Hei, insisting of leaving Yim's mansion. When Hei sent Tin away, Fung was sure that Hei is a heartless person.

After several twists and turns, Fung and Hei's relationship started to improve. Fung learned that Hei was so unreasonable and heartless because of his deafness. Unwittingly, she fell deeply in love with Hei, and Hei started to trust her as day goes by. Fung replaced Man Tin's position as Hei's trusted assistant. To protect Hei's position in Yim clan, she gave birth to a son for him, reversing the situation where Yim's godfather was in power.

Name: Yim Kwok Yip (King Sir)
Age: 60
Personality: On the surface, he looks like a peaceful, affable old man. Deep down he was petty, deceitful, dangerous and lust for authority.

The ambitious Yip went through a lot of struggle and sinister scheme to attain the head of Yim clan when he was young. Because of this, he lived half lifetime in fame and fortune.

Even though Yip was influential, unfortunately both of his sons died in their prime. Yip was heartbroken and decided to adopt his trusted assistant Yim Man Hei, passing on the position to someone he could trust.

Many years has past and since Yip has aged considerably, he has no choice but to retire. On the surface, Yip appeared to be given up on fame and fortune, supporting Hei to be the next leader. He spent his time leisurely, but in fact he still desire his old glory. He eyed Hei carefully, for if Hei did any mistake, he will try to take back all the power for himself.

Hei understand that Yip was his biggest threat for authority. On the surface, Hei respect Yip; but deep down he wanted to get rid of Yip as soon as possible. When faced with Yip's interference, Hei complied in public but oppose in private. Yip slowly feels that Hei was not submissive to him anymore and tried to attack Hei. The clash between father and son became more intense.

When Fung married into Yim family, she was manipulated by Yip to fight against Hei. Luckily, Fung slowly fell in love with Hei and put their past dispute behind. She supported Hei and gave birth to a son for him, continuing Yim's bloodline. In the past, Yip was more powerful, but now Hei was able to turn the situation around.

Name: Yim Man Tin (Vinci Wong)
Age: 25
Personality: Straightforward, honest, mannered, soft spoken, competent. Respectful and loyal to his brother Man Hei, keeping the secret that Hei was deaf. He works hard and was Hei most trusted assistant. In sentiment, Tin was indecisive. Though he always admire his schoolmate Gai Ming Fung, but when his brother chose Fung as his wife, Tin doesn't dare to voice out, until he lost his beloved and regret the rest of his life.

After their parent died, Tin grew up with his brother Hei and their relationship was close. When Yip adopted Hei as his godson and became the head of Yim clan, Tin automatically became the second master. The capable Tin does not only assist Hei in business, but also guard the secret of his deafness. He became the communicator on Hei's behalf; therefore he was Hei's most trusted right hand. However, Fung's appearance has transformed Tin and Hei's relationship.

Fung and Tin was considered as perfect match during their schooldays. Fung's father suddenly fell sick and their family fortune went downhill, therefore her greedy brother arranged for her to marry Hei. When Tin found out about this, he does not dare to oppose Hei. Hei, who does not know about Tin and Fung's relationship, married Fung. Since Fung became his sister-in-law, she resented Tin's weakness; in addition her relationship with Hei was volatile. When Tin witnessed Fung's tragic situation, he was regretful and tried to compensate to Fung. He secretly help and console Fung behind Hei's back, hoping to allay Fung's hatred toward him.

Hei slowly feels that Tin was hiding a lot of secret from him and started to assume that Tin has a secret plot against him. After a misunderstanding, Hei believed that Tin was coveting his position as Yim clan chief, therefore he angrily sent Tin away. This action almost made Hei to be deserted by his close allies and vulnerable to his enemies.

Because of his sentimental weakness, not only Tin ruined Fung and his own happiness, he was not able to tread his foot into Yim mansion anymore. Form thereon, he left the village and drifted into destitute.

Name: Sung Tung Yeung (Kenny Wong)
Age: 30
Personality: Filial, sentimental, resolved, upright, his ambition is to rebuild his family business, simple minded, does not give in to temptations, will not go against his conscience, a good man.

Yeung was Sung family eldest song, he was suppose to inherit the position of chieftain but was forcibly taken away by his stepmother Chew Yuk. Yeung saw that Yuk conspired with Yim Man Hei to ruin Sung brothers and reap profit from this. Yeung fully understand that in order to save his clansmen, he must first take back the leadership from Yuk and bring his family into independence again. Unfortunately, his efforts are often ruined by Yuk.

Yeung and Yuet was married for many years, but they have no children. The villagers assume that Yuet was barren and often criticize behind her back. The truth is, Yeung was sterile and Yuet silently bears the humiliation to save her husband's face. Yuk knew this secret but out of mother-son protocol, she does not expose them on the spot. However, she secretly arranged for Yeung to marry a concubine, so that his secret will be exposed by someone else.

Yeung was unable to persist on, but luckily his cousin Tung Shing came to his aid. Yeung's problem was dispelled and he even told Shing the secret that he was sterile. After knowing this secret, Shing quickly assisted Yeung to retrieve back the position of Sung household leader.

When Yuk saw that Yeung gained help from Shing, she put manners to disregard and wanted to expose Yeung's secret immediately. In attempt to stop Yuk, Yuet attempt to kill herself but she survived. However, Yuk's son died in an accident. Grief-stricken, Yuk decided to pass the head position to Yeung.

For the benefits of his clansmen, Yeung constantly oppose Yim Man Hei and resolved to rebuild his ancestral firecracker business again. Yeung was determined to go against Hei, therefore Hei hope to support Yuk to become the Sung clan head again. However, Yuk was already dejected and wished to leave Sung household, but Yeung repeatedly asked her to stay. Unfortunately, Hei exposed that Hei was sterile and Yuk stood out to support Yeung. Though Yeung was unable to become Sung clan chief, they united and worked hard to rebuild their family business.

Name: Shu Ye Yuet (Maggie Siu)
Age: 33
Personality: Raised as Sung family child bride, kind, introverted, traditional, loyal to Sung family and Yeung.

Yuet married Yeung when she was 15 years old, and she loved Yeung deeply. Unfortunately, they were unable to have children. The villagers assume that Yuet was barren and often criticize behind her back. The truth is, Yeung was sterile and Yuet silently bears the humiliation to save her husband's face. Yuk knew this secret but out of mother-son protocol, she does not expose them on the spot. However, she secretly arranged for Yeung to marry a concubine, so that his secret will be exposed by someone else.

Yeung was unable to persist on, but luckily his cousin Tung Shing came to his aid. Yeung told Shing the secret that he was sterile, so Shing suggested him to 'borrow seeds'.

Yuet took Yeung's position into consideration. Even though she was unwilling, she still agrees to do so. Luckily, Yeung understood that Yuet love him very much, therefore he gave up on the plan. Yuet was able to protect her chastity and Yeung started to show more care towards her. Yuet loved Yeung more deeply and will do anything for him.

Even though the wedding was postponed, but because Yeung's concubine Fen whole family was killed, she stayed on in Sung mansion. After the mourning period of one year, Fen will immediately marry Yeung. Fen hopes to build a relationship with Yeung and leave a good impression to others. She diligently took care of the household, but her actions were seen as a threat to Yuet. Yuet was afraid that her position in Sung family will be replaced by Fen, causing her to feel turmoil deep down. Yuet feared to lose Yeung's love, and more fearful that Fen will disclose Yeung's secret.

Looking at Fen, Yuet eyes were filled with jealousy. Yuet started to make life difficult for Fen. After Tung Hiu was abducted, Yuk decided to expose Yeung was sterile and thus not worthy to be Sung clan chief. Shing and Yeung have no idea to solve this, so Yuet tries to stop Yuk. When Yuk found out, she mercilessly beat Yuet. Yeut, who love Yeung deeply, decided to suicide in order to stop Yuk from exposing Yeung's secret. To get rid of Yeung, Yuk refused to save Yuet. Fortunately, Yuet survived, but Tung Hiu died in an accident.

Name: Mao To (Chan Hung Lit)
Age: 55
Personality: Quiet, serious, open minded. Although he knew Shing indirectly caused the death of his daughter Siu Cheuk, he knew that Shing truly loves Siu Cheuk, therefore he doesn't blame Shing. In addition, he taught Shing the philosophy in life. After he found out that Shing wanted to take revenge on Yim Man Hei and Chew Yuk, he stopped Shing, saying that "The cycle of revenge never ends", hoping that Shing would give up.

The father of Siu Cheuk and Siu Kam. Mao To came from a poor background and dug well for a living. His wife bore him Siu Cheuk and Siu Kam and they lived a happy life, although being poor. Sadly, the wife was often sick and passed away when Siu Cheuk was still young. Mao To has to bear the responsibility as a mother as well, taking care of his two daughters. Because he's constantly traveling to dig new well, his two daughters traveled with him and he regrets not being able to give them a steady home.

Once time, Mao To was hired to dig a new well for Yim family, and they wanted to make Siu Cheuk their daughter-in-law. Their son was sick and the hope a happy event can improve their son's health. At first, Mao To disagreed, but Siu Cheuk saw that his father was aging and still have to depend on digging well to support them both. Therefore, she begged her father to let her marry into Yim family, so that his burden will be eased. Mao To relented after seeing Siu Cheuk fidelity.

In the end, Siu Cheuk's husband still died from illness, and she became a widow. Afterward, the village called her as adulteress for having a relationship with Shing, sentencing her to [Sky Torching]. Mao To was heartbroken, he never expected that marrying Siu Cheuk into Yim family was a death curse. He placed all his hopes onto Siu Kam and taught her the technique of digging well, so that she can support herself after he passes away.

Name: Mao Siu Kam (Chow Ka Yee)
Age: 18
Personality: Kind, shy, optimistic and filial to her father. Although she was born with cleft palate and being discriminated by others, she does not feel inferior, but has a positive attitude toward life.

She has a father Mao To and sister Mao Siu Cheuk. Her mother died when she was five, and her father took the responsibility of raising them. Their relationship was close. Because she was born with cleft palate, she was often ridiculed. Initially, she was depressed, but under her father and sister loving care, she realized that appearance is not important. She also realized that she won't be able to get married; therefore she devoted herself to learning the technique of digging well from her father. She has a close relationship with her sister Siu Cheuk, so she feels happy for Siu Chuek when she got married into Yim family. Unfortunately, her sister was sentenced to death by [Sky Torching], causing her to be heartbroken. She decides to take care of their father for Siu Cheuk.

Name: Kwai Lan (Helen Ma)
Age: 50
Personality: Overbearing, nosy, selfish, bully, hateful. On the appearance she is extroverted, but deep down she's secretive and scheming.

Steward of Sung family, she became their servant when she was still young. She was doted on by Sung master, and as a result of affair with him, she became pregnant. However, Madam Sung does not permit her to marry into Sung family and she miscarried. Kwai could not have children anymore and this she hated Sung family, especially Madam Sung's son; Tung Yeung.

Kwai Lan was the only person who knew old master Sung planned to kill Chew Yuk, this she helped Yuk and kept the secret. Yuk became the head of Sung household, and Kwai Lan became her trusted assistant. Yuk constantly discussed matters with Kwai Lan, but Kwai Lan always make decision for Yuk on her own. Yuk was displeased about this, but doesn't dare to punish Kwai Lan because she knew her secret.

Kwai Lan disrespect other people, including Fen and Yuet. She directs other servants to work and are mean towards Fen and Yuet, often criticizing them. Because the two (Fen and Yuet) are genial people, they did not voice out.

Kwai Lan was also responsible of taking care of Yuk's son; Tung Hiu. Tung Hiu was bright and thus Kwai Lan doted on him. Though Kwai Lan hates Sung family, she treat Tung Hiu like her own son just like the baby she miscarried, causing Yuk to be terrified. Later, Yuk begins to place more trust in Fen, causing Kwai Lan to lose her favor and extremely jealous of Fen.

p.s. Malaysian fans, DOP will be released here on 3rd May, 2006. Hehe, I'm already tingling with anticipation! Anyway, tomorrow is Labor Day and yet I will be 'laboring' at home doing translation... sigh~

Koe has uploaded an interview with the DOP cast. It was kind of long, since the file itself was 90mb! Yes, I'm still dl now, if you're curious :P

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