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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

DOP 1st episode broke ratings, speculations continues...

Dance of Passion first episode broke ratings with 36 points

According to the TV Reception Investigation report, the premiere of Dance of Passion has broke the record with an average of 36 points and 2.31 million audiences.

The TVB department assistant said that in the recent years, this series has broken the highest premiere ratings. Also in this 1 hour episode, each section (15 minutes) was still 36 points. It showed that the audience had kept watching the channel and have not changed to watch another program. Plus, since yesterday was the vacation break, alot of people might be going abroad to other places so it might have affected the ratings. Right now the ratings are already 36 points and you can clearly see that the audience is anticipating this series. There is a lot of confidence that the ratings will continue to rise.

Translations credit to xbunnylicious from asianfanatics.

Charmaine Sheh versus Gigi Lai speculation continues...

Not sitting together, a sign of disagreement? (sarcastic)

Since the release of DOP, many rumors have arised, including the alleged Gigi-Charmaine feud over series subtheme song.

Last Monday, executive producer Chik Kei Yi invited the main casts such as Bowie Lam, Kenny Wong, Vinci Wong etc. to a bar in Causeway Bay to watch the airing of DOP 1st episode and also celebrated Kenny's birthday. Gigi and Charmaine also appeared at the gathering.

Previously, Gigi was unable to attend DOP promotional activity due to gastric cramps. There are reports of her snubbing the promo because she was unhappy that Charmaine get to sing the subtheme. Upon her arrival, the reporters asked about her condition. Gigi gently replied: "Fine. I'm okay" and hurried inside.

Charmaine & Gigi

Charmaine arrived shortly and the reporter asked whether she called Gigi. Charmaine replied: "No, we didn't contact each other since the last two days. Please don't make up stories. I'll ask how she's doing when I get inside."

There's so much scandals since DOP was released? Charmaine smiled: "It's not scandal, just normal entertainment news. Unlike WAB, this series is not about women fighting for attention, so there should be less rumors."

Though Gigi and Charmaine denied the rumors, reporters noticed that they doesn't speak much to each other. During the airing of 1st episode, they sat far from each other and rarely exchange conversation. As soon as the 1st episode finished airing, Gigi left before celebrating Kenny's birthday as she was feeling unwell.

Bowie giving his 2 cents on the 'rivalry'. Witty as usual ;)

When Bowie was asked to comment on the two leading actresses rivalry over singing the subtheme, he suggested that they should follow "Healing Hands" where all the leads get to sing a theme and aired them alternately. The reporters pointed out that Bowie was very lucky because he get to sing both WAB and DOP themesong without needing to fight. Bowie laughed: "I'm afraid too! I'm afraid when Moses improve his singing, he will snatch my chances away!"

First episode achieved high ratings

In the 1st episode, Moses Chan's character Sung Tung Shing was the center of attention, with him being sentenced to [Sky Torching] at the beginning. Luckily, he survived. Leading actress Charmaine Sheh was not weak either, she appeared in the opening, praying for rain. In addition, the scenery in YinChuan was breathtaking, giving a touching and tragic feel.

When informed that DOP first episode broke the rating, Charmaine said: "Really? I really like WAB and DOP. Before this, I never predict how much will the ratings go, but I predict that the audiences will like this series, because I watched the first 10 episodes and I can't wait to watch episode 11!"

As for Moses, he was happy to know the ratings reached 36 points. "It's rare that the rating for the opening was so high." Any celebration? "Not yet, it's just the 1st episode!" Moses expressed confidence in DOP and he already predicted the ratings of 35 points. Now it look like it could peak at 40 points. Any favorite scene? "The most unforgettable scene is the [Sky Torching], it was really scary back then. Now, I'm okay because the rating is so good."

p.s. The above was compiled from several news article, such as orisun, mingpao, singtao etc.

I don't believe the rumors anyway because it's just TVB way of promoting the series. Moreover, Charmaine has long confirmed that she will be singing the subtheme last year.

More pics:

I know, Charmaine has sexy legs but what are the reportets trying to do, taking pictures at that angle?! Poor Charmaine, she was so embarrased!

Tabloid magazine scans, credit to Qeggegg from

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