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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Charmaine Sheh & Stephy Tang clashed shoes

Clip of the album launch. Download.

Charmaine Sheh and Stephy Tang both carefully chose their outfits to attend the press conference yesterday but coincidently, the two both chose to wear the same red shoes! Stephy stated that she only found out when she arrived but expressed that clashing shoes was not a problem because the company had asked them to wear red on the day and red shoes were hard to find. When asked if she found clashing shoes was embarrassing, Stephy laughed and said that it did not matter because both of them have different dressing styles.

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Charmaine did not mind as well and expressed that both of them wore the shoes well. Charmine’s first song, the sub theme song of ‘Dance of Passion’, will be featured in the album ‘All About Women’. When asked what rating did her friends give to this song, Charmaine disclosed that her friends could not believe she sang the song and some did not have a clue who sang it. Charmaine then expressed that she was not stressed about her filming but was under great pressure when singing the song. When asked if she was ready to become a singer, Charmaine laughed and said that she will wait until she is not as nervous and when she has perfected the singing techniques.

Credits to dee-lush.

Sehseh: Sigh~ What can I say? I don't like Charmaine recent styles. What happened to the dress at COBO opening? I wish Charmaine could wear more of those elegant dresses. And fire the hairstylist.

I heard Charmaine sang with Justin and Alex Fong. Please do inform me if anyone has the clip :)


Mini concert:

More pictures of the mini concert, credit to simonps:


Funn Lim said...

Sehseh pls don't kill me for saying this; her dress looks like a maternity dress and she looks like she's pregnant which I know she is not. And her hair looks half way blown away. Can't she dress something more sensible and less loud? Does she have a stylist and a fashion shopper of her own? If not should her fans employ one for her before she gets into the dreaded fashion misses and misses some more list?

sehseh said...

Don't worry, I won't tore you to shreds. Who do think I am? Gigi Lai's fans?

I agree that her fashion lately had put me a bit speechless. I still prefer to she her dressing the way like COBO store opening.

But hey, I don't see you saying something nice when she dressed nicely. But I won't expect that from you, you only will critic her lah.. :P

Funn Lim said...

Eh I got compliment her before. I remember one post I did on her looking dowdy and then looking fabulous. I thought she looked exquisite when she was wearing this red dress as a judge for some modelling events. She does look like she aged a lot these days. Stress?

are gigi's fans like Jess' fans?

sehseh said...

Alike with Jess' fans in terms of what?

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