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Monday, May 29, 2006

Charmaine Sheh: New Diva

Fashion & Beauty Issue 127

Mag scans credit to Bebe from

Somebody stop me! I'm drooling all over ~ sexy! I prefer her with long hair, but she still take my breath away~

Hehe... the ringtone on Charmaine's handphone is Phil Collin's [A Groovy Kind of Love]. Translation coming soon.

Meanwhile, I've translated a part in Gigi's recent interview where she praised Charmaine :)

Feeling positive for Charmaine Sheh

“The Charmaine Sheh I knew is a smart girl; basically she’s smarter than I am. Though I entered entertainment circle earlier, but having more experience doesn’t necessarily mean I’m smarter. Charmaine’s have high intelligence; she’s very good no matter in speech, reaction and EQ. She’s not bothered by the rumors and I think I have to learn this from her.

Since the airing of [Dance of Passion], a lot of people started to discuss about anniversary [Favorite Actor, Favorite Actress] award, everyone asked if I want to win again. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t matter. To me, now I just want to enjoy the excitement of filming series; enjoying each role development and acting in every scene. If I won by portraying ‘vase role’, I won’t be happy either. In DOP, every actress did well, but if I can choose, I hope Charmaine will win this year.”

Full article here.

1 comment:

Funn Lim said...

Sehseh, drooling? You're scaring me!

I must admit, she looks better in here than the previous ones you posted where she was made to look so cheap. Here she looks sophisticated and I do like that one where she is facing face forward. i prefer her looking like this.

And ahhh birthday party with benny, her "best friend". When are they gonna get married and just be done with?!

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