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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Charmaine rejects rich suitor

Next Magazine, Issue 844

Scans credit to Bebe from

Charmaine Sheh admits being pursued by wealthy admirer

Since 2004, Charmaine started to become the object of desire by many wealthy businessman. However, she has rejected them all. Half year ago, a wealthy real estate tycoon tried to approach Charmaine through one of her aunts. He also presented her with Van Cleef & Arpels diamond jewellery as 'meeting gift'.

Recently, he attempt again by presenting Charmaine a Ferrari F430 (worth HKD2.8 million), saying that "As long as Ah Sheh like it, she can ask for anything!"

When asked about this ardent admirer, Charmaine admits that this was true, but asserted that she never accept his gifts. Charmaine stressed: "There should not be reward without working, so I will not accept these kind of expensive gifts. I already returned them to him."

About the Ferrari, Charmaine frankly said: "You can't accept these kind of gifts, who knows what 'favor' he will ask in return if I accept the car!"

Charmaine expressed: I like to depend on myself. I rather work hard filming more drama than using men's money. Sure, if I want easy money, I don't need to work properly to earn money and end up hurting myself like this (referring to the injuries while filming)."

Actually, if anyone wish to pursue Charmaine, they doesn't need luxury show-off. The most important thing are sincerity and thoughtfulness. Giving these kind expensive gifts will only scare her away.

Lastly, she added that the rejection has nothing to do with her rumored boyfriend, Benny Chan.

Please give proper credit if reposted.

p.s. Hahaha, of course Charmaine doesn't need those 'gifts'. I have to admit, that F430 is tempting! Anyway, that 'L' surnamed tycoon probably heard that Charmaine was disappointed not being able to buy the Ferrari earlier this year. I'll translate more on the mag scans if I have the time.

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