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Friday, May 12, 2006

Charmaine on the set of Pearl of Orient

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TVB actress Charmaine Sheh has been surrounded by endless rumors since entering showbiz. From rumors with male co-stars, to rivalry with fellow actress, there seems to be new rumors daily.

Last month, she and Sonija Kwok was rumored to be involved in Joe Ma's marriage breakdown. Charmaine was upset and stressed that she was not involved. Recently, she was rumored to be on bad terms with DOP co-star Gigi Lai, the reason being the latter was displeased that the ending theme was given to "chicken voice" Charmaine; therefore Gigi did not went to DOP promotional event. Later, the two was seen not talking to each other during the airing of DOP first episode and Gigi left early with the excuse of feeling unwell.

Stuffing the mouth with cotton balls

Afterwards, fans from both side were flaming each other in online forums. Gigi fans insulted Charmaine as "chicken voice" and "acting coy". To this, Charmaine was not upset and said that debating is a good stimulation to their brain. While Gigi and Charmaine fans fought, the other leading actress Ada Choi received good review and more supporters. Ada can sit back to reap profit while the other two fought.

Maybe because Charmaine has too much rumors recently, therefore she started to show her real feelings. Last week Charmaine was filming new series [Pearl of Orient] at Kowloon, the filming was quite low-key. The scene was aboout Charmaine visiting Roger Kwok at work, but unfortunately he was not around. Because the scene only involve Charmaine alone, therefore she stayed in the van to rehearse her scripts and rarely exchanged conversation with the crew.

Before filming starts, Charmaine saw some reporters and allow them to photograph her. She also smiles and said that her character in here was "mentally ill" girl, because she have to stuff her mouth with cottons before filming. Through the lens, one side of her cheek look swollen as if she was beaten by someone. Sometimes, she touched her cheek, perhaps she was uncomfortable. She mentioned this to the reporters so they won't misunderstood that her face was getting distorted. During the filming, Charmaine sat alone and look a little depressed. Maybe she was afraid of all the rumors around her.

Note: This is just another rumor article, therefore no need to take it too seriously. Please give proper credit if reposted.

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