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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Charmaine: Fans, please don't fight

Due to new series "Dance of Passion", Charmaine Sheh's popularity has increased tremendously. Yesterday, she appeared at COBO new store opening as the ribbon-cutting guest and attracted a huge crowd. Charmaine who wore a low cut V-neck dress, received a 6 figure fee for this event. While watching the lion dance performance, a piece of lettuce fell out and hit Charmaine's eye. The reporters said that getting hit (striking 1st prize) is a symbol of good luck.

DOP has garnered high ratings for its premiere episodes and the leading actresses seems to have a lot of rumors. Due to the rumors of Gigi and Charmaine figting over singing the subtheme song, fans from both sides has been fighting viciously online. Gigi fans insulted Charmaine's voice and acting, insisting that Gigi was the best person to sing the song. Charmaine fans counter-attacked back.

Charmaine smiled: "Actually, I'm happy with all these response because it means that a lot of people are following the series. About the fans fighting, I hope they won't hurt each other's feelings. My singing is not 'squeaky', a lot of friends heard my song and they said I sang well, so I'm not unhappy at all." Charmaine said she and Gigi were actually close friends; often chatting about their personal stuff, boyfriend etc.

Do you have confidence to win this year favorite actress award? Charmaine laughed: "It's too early to say! Receiving an award or not, there's bound to be rumors. I hope everyone won't take them too seriously and just take it as entertainment news." Charmaine personally feels that all the cast member did well, due to teamwork: "Ada's acting was great, I like her too. She's still young, so it's quite challenging for her to portray [Por-por] (mother-in-law) role so convincingly.

Will you wear bikini to celebrate if the ratings is high? "What is the connection of wearing bikini with high ratings? The executive producer will arrange for celebration, she has a lot of ideas."

Lately, Sonija Kwok has been surrounded with rumors, saying that she has gotten rich for involving with Chan Kwok Keung; buying new house, car and even becoming leading actress in a new movie. In this, Charmaine supports her friend: "Actually, I already heard from Sonija about her new car a long time ago. Plus, I'm so happy for her to become a leading actress. "

In addition, this year's Miss Hong Kong pageant has begun its preliminary interview today. Any advise from Charmaine, who joined MHK 1997? "Wow, it's nearly 10 years since I joined MHK! Be natural, relax, no need to wear too much make-up, let the people see the real you."

The above news was translated from various compilation of news (Apple, Orisun, Mingpao, Singtao, Wenweipo, Sina etc.)

p.s. I love Charmaine's dress! She look great, and she gained some weight compared to her pics at DOP premiere. Poor Sonija, being hounded by the press. I wonder why does the media love to pick on her?

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bao said...

thanks for the news translation
i think it's funny when Charm questioned the relation between high ratings and wearing a bikini.. cause a lot of fans including myself have been wondering the same thing and how it came about

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