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Monday, May 15, 2006

All About Women mini concert

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TVB actresses including Bernice Liu, Myolie Wu, Charmaine Sheh, Linda Chung and Sharon Chan joined singers Miriam Yeung, Stephy Tang, Kary Ng, Justin and Alex Fong to perform in [All About Women Mini Concert]. Their performances are not only entertaining, they also gave audiences a fresh feeling.

Bernice looking hot in her hip-hop dance performance.

Apart from singing, Bernice Liu also performed sexy hip-hop dance. When she hugged Justin, it caused quite a stir. Charmaine also duet with Alex and Justin to sing [Remembering Today]. Because she is an actress, her singing is not as natural as the other two, causing her to miss the tempo. Linda Chung was busy with filming series and has make time and rush to perform. Myolie, who recently gained weight, said that it's a little difficult for her to sing. She smiled and said singing a song felt like finishing a marathon run.

Vivien Yeo singing and playing the keyboard.

There are sayings that Bernice has the most opportunity to perform, to which she did not agree. Bernice expressed that the company arranged their performances according to their schedule. The reason she took pictures with Justin was because he made her feel comfortable and he's willing to sing english song to accommodate her, therefore she's very thankful. Is there any pressure working with real singers? She said that they're good singers and very nice people. Bernice said that she bring along her dog to practice.

Justin was teased being lucky surrounded by women, including the hug by Bernice. Justin explained that it was just a light hug, plus he hugged Miriam before. He praised that Bernice sang very well, and Myolie performed [Erica] quite well too. When asked which actress should improve more on her singing, Justin said he was not qualified to judge them, because they're all from acting background and their eye expression are even better than him when singing onstage.

Justin, Alex and Charmaine having a blast onstage.

Charmaine was asked comment on her own performance. She said that she's satisfied with her performance and the feedback was good. After this performance, she started to build more confidence. However, she realize that there's still a lot of room to improve. That night, only Charmaine did not wear red clothes to the concert, does it mean that her position is special? She said no, the company did not inform her to wear red.

Though Myolie felt uncomfortable during singing, she is happy with her performance. Will she have her own album? Myolie expressed that she love to sing since young and hope that she can be like Joey Yung and have her own concert at HK Coliseum in the future.

Myolie duet with Alex.

As their senior, Miriam Yeung heads the performance and praised that the actresses sang well. When mentioned that Bernice stole the limelight, Miriam said that it doesn't matter singing how many songs. However, she admitted that she sang one song less because of her throat was feeling unwell.


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