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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

TVB proudly presents: Dance of Passion

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New information: Bowie has confirmed with his fans that he will be singing DOP themesong, titled 风沙 (Sandstorm).

Yim's versus Sung's

Yim Clan

Yim Man Hei (Bowie Lam)
- Head of Yim clan
Yim Man Hei and his younger brother Yim Man Tin were orphaned at a young age, leaving them to depend on each other. After an accident when he was still young, Man Hei became deaf. He communicated with other people by reading lips. Because he was very capable, Yim clan head, Yim Kwok Yip let him inherit the firecracker business and also Yim household.

Gai Ming Fung (Gigi Lai)
- Yim Man Hei's wife
Her father sudden illness has caused the downfall of her family. Her brother sold her to Yim Man Hei as wife for money. However, Ming Fung was already in love with Man Hei's younger brother, Yim Man Tin. Angered with Man Tin's refusal to elope with her, she agreed to marry Man Hei.

Yim Man Tin (Vinci Wong)
- Yim Man Hei's younger brother
Yim Man Tin respects his brother, and became the middle person for the deaf Man Hei. He is the only person who knew Man Hei was deaf.

Yim Kwok Yip (King Sir)
- Yim Man Hei's godfather
Many years ago, Yim Kwok Yip managed to become Yip clan head using a lot of evil deeds. Unfortunately, both of his sons died after being punished for adultery, therefore he made Man Hei his godson. However, he was still lustful for power and secretly control in the background.

Yim Siew Hung (Rebecca Chan)
- Yim Man Hei's aunt
Siew Hung was Kwok Yip's younger sister, but their relationship was estranged. When she accidentally found out that Kwok Yip was having an affair with a Sung's widow, she was beaten half dead by Kwok Yip who feared that she will exposed his adultery…

Sung Clan

Sung Tung Shing (Moses Chan)
Sung Tung Shing was Sung's descendant. Because he was caught having an affair with Yim's widow, they were punished by Yim Man Hei using "Sky Torching". Though he survived the punishment, he saw his lover dying with his own eyes and was kicked out from the Sung's household. Tung Shing swore revenge against Yim Man Hei.

Ka Chun Fen (Charmaine Sheh)
- Sung Tung Shing's fiancée
Fortuneteller said that Ka Chun Fen was destined to bring back luck to her husband. First, her fiancé Sung Tung Shing was punished for adultery and kicked out from the village. Two years later, when she was about to marry Sung Tung Yeung as a concubine, her parents died in an attack by bandits, causing the wedding to be postponed. At this time, she re-encounters her ex-fiancé…

Chew Yuk (Ada Choi)
- Head of Sung clan
She married a much older man; Sung clan leader Sung Ben and borned a son; Tung Hiu. However, before Sung Ben died, he accused Yuk of having an affair and tried to kill her. Yuk escaped death and secretly changed the will so that she could be head of Sung clan. She secretly helped Yim Man Hei to get rid of the Sung brothers (Tung Yeung and Tung Shing).

Sung Tung Yeung (Kenny Wong)
- First cousin of Sung Tung Shing
Sung Tung Yeung was Sung family's young master and supposed heir. However, Jiu Yuk changed the will and became the head instead. Tung Yeung saw through Jiu Yuk and Yim Man Hei evil alliance and realized that he has to strengthen his position in order to save his clan. However, Jiu Yuk threatened to expose his secret…

Shu Long Yuet
- Sung Tung Yeung's wife
Shu Long Yuet married Sung Tung Yeung when she was just 15 years old (older bride-child husband) and she truly loves him. However, they couldn't have any children, causing Sung clan to think that Long Yuet was barren. Jiu Yuk arranged to have him marry a concubine, so that the real secret, that TungYeung was infertile will be exposed…

Explosive scenes

Impressive scenes in DOP

[Sky Torching]

The punishment method appeared in this series was called "Sky Torching", where a women deemed as adulteress will be burned alive. Before Charmaine filmed the scene, the crew has prepared adequate safety precaution. However, due to the dry weather and the near distant of the flames, Charmaine was scorched by the flames.


YinChuan was infamous for it's frequent sandstorms. The scene above was where Gigi and Charmaine were heading to Yim clan for their wedding. They were trapped in the sandstorm. Both of them never expected the wind to be so strong, not only their mouth was filled with sands, their bodies underneath the clothes were covered with them.

[Giant Spinning Top]

HK citizens rarely see spinning top, but this gigantic spinning top was the favourite past time game for Sung clan. In the scene above, Ada was knocked down by the spinning top. Don't worry, the crew already taken safety measures beforehand.

[Marketplace Explosion]

The explosion scene above is one of the biggest in this series, with the flames rising more than 10 foot (3 metre) high. Even though Gigi stood quite a distance from the flames, she could feel the heat of the explosion on her back. It was so hot that she feared she will be burned.

Episode 1

At a barren plain far north, water was a precious commodity. Because it haven't rain for 3 months, Ka Chun Fen (Charmaine) prayed hard for water…

Sung Tung Shing (Moses) was caught having affair with a Yim's widow, therefore they were punished by both clan leaders using "Sky Torching". However, a sudden rain saved Tung Shing and Yim Man Hei (Bowie) demanded that he should be kicked out of Sung family.

After Tung Shing was kicked out, he bumped into his fiancée Chun Fen. They had never met before, but Chun Fen was happy to help the injured Tung Shing to search for his lover's belongings. She managed to find the belongings but she accidentally fell into the well. Luckily, she survived and climbed out. However, she lost the item therefore she burned her new shoes and passed them off as his lover's to console Tung Shing. When she returned home, she found out that her wedding was cancelled because the groom has been punished using "SkyTorching". Only then Chun Fen realized the man she just met was her fiancé…

Two years later, Tung Shing re-appeared at Sung's household. On the other hand, Gai Ming Fung's (Gigi) father failed in business, forcing her to marry Yim Man Hei. Ming Fung secretly contacted her lover Man Tin (Vinci) to elope with her, but he never appeared. She ran into Tung Shing, who ridiculed her…

I'm not going to elaborate much on the article above, because it's just some made up news again. Basically, the first two pages mentioned that Catherine Tsang was displeased with Ada taking a trip to Rome during DOP promotional period. Instead, Catherine placed attention on Charmaine, like specially arranging her to stand in the middle etc. On the other hand, Gigi seems to be a chummy terms with Charmaine. On the left side of the 3rd page, it highlighted what they wore to DOP premiere.

On the right side of the 3rd, the article mentioned the bloopers and interesting scenes shown during the premiere.

Gigi: She was so frightened with the explosion that she screamed loudly.
Charmaine: Injuring herself. In the first footage, she fell hard on her face. Charmaine even joked that she doesn't realised she chipped her tooth! (If you watch the blooper clip 1, you'll know that her gums bled after the fall). In the second footage, Charmaine slipped because the ground was wet. However, she quickly raised her hand to signal that she's fine and smiled.
Moses: Before filming the "Sky Torching" scene, the crew covered his body to prevent injuries from firecracker's explosion. He was very cheeky and pretended to show off his muscles at the camera.

-Translation in progress

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