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Friday, April 14, 2006

Phoenix Quartet: Joe became handicapped for Charmaine

This week's TVB Magazine scans:

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The British troops suspects that Phoenix Restaurant was harboring Empress Dowager Cixi and send their soldiers to closed it down. Charmaine tried to stop them, but it angers the soldiers and they hit her with their rifle. Her husband, Sammul was terrified of the soldiers and accidentally bumped into a soldier, resulting him being beaten up as well. When the soldier fired at Charmaine, Joe took a bullet for her and was seriously injured. Will he survive?

Unforgettable scene:

Phoenix Quartet filming was wrapping up, and Charmaine felt a little reluctant because she had fun acting out roles in four different timeline. To her, the most unforgettable scene was when her character first married Sammul. She doesn't love him, but she has no choice because it was an arranged marriage. On the wedding night, she refused to sleep with him so he used force on her. Charmaine joked that the scene looked as if she's really being raped.

Another scene where Joe Ma took a bullet for Charmaine, causing his hands to be handicapped. Therefore, her family took care of him afterwards. As the medical fees were expensive and he couldn't work, some family members started to look down on him, causing Joe to have low self esteem.

Train derailment scene:

Charmaine was traveling on train with her infant daughter and maid Irene Wong. However, explosives were discovered on the train and the passengers started to panic. Fearing for her baby's safety, Charmaine handed her daughter over to Irene and asked them to escape. Joe Ma, who was there to send Charmaine off, became worried and looked for her.


Helen said...

Thanks Sehseh for the updates! Wow, the Ching dynasty part of PQ seem to be the most intersting! I don't think I will like any of the other periods as I just dislike her other 3 period looks and costumes. Anyhow, I am still anticipating PQ as it is a Charm's series.

sehseh said...

It seems to me that the earlier two stories will have tragic endings. Just my intuitions. After all...


Charmaine said she will 'die' four times in the story.

From what I understand:

1st story; they were star-crossed lover. Charmaine got married to a useless man, who is acted by Sammul (looking forward for this role!)

2nd story: Turbulent time, ppl having a hard time at Man Chor era. Charmaine's character seems to treat Joe really badly in here. It was a student-teacher love relationship.

3rd story: 60-70's. Joe was a egoistic MCP husband.

4th story: modern love story. This one seems to have a happy ending. TVB at least got to give us one happy ending, right?

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