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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Other Side of Sammul

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Kind. Cute. Nice. Soft spoken.

These are most probably the words that appeared when we think of Sammul's past TV roles.

But now...

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Say goodbye to Mr. Nice.

Yes, according to Sammul, he'll be playing an evil role equivalent to Deric Wan's in Looking Back in Anger. Since he's leaving TVB soon, Sammul is trying out all kind of roles, beginning from his rough gangster image in Bar Benders, abusive husband in Phoenix Quartet and now a scheming conman in Thousand Lies Hundred Ruse.

After seeing some of his pics in TLHR (samples above), I realize that Sammul looks really suave and dashing in 1920's fashion. Gelled hair works well on him, I guess. Nah, he looks great in suit and furcoats. In the series, Sammul uses his good looks to cheat Kate Tsui out of her inheritance. Do expect high body count as Sammul will be killing off quite some people in here.

The other main characters in this series are Bosco Wong, Shirley Yeung and Vivien Yeo. Wow, now that I've mentioned it, all three actresses are beauty queens (Vivien was Miss Malaysia Chinese International 2003). Pity that their acting are not as good as how they look. Sigh ~ the only consolation is that Shirley will be playing a mute girl. The damage was reduced half by sparing us of her voice. Cringe~

p.s. When this series come out, I think I'll have a blast trying to spot recycled costumes from Beneath the Charm. Hehe...

For more filming updates of this series, check out the asianfanatics series thread here.


bao said...

hi sehseh

it's Kate Tsui not Kathy.. but anyway, very excited to see this series. funny how you bought up Deric cause i have always thought Sammul resembles Deric so much (look wise). i hope Sammul excels in this role.

Funn Lim said...

But not talent wise but at least something different.

sehseh said...

Thanks Bao, I'll correct the name asap. Hmm... Sammul did said that when he first entered showbiz, ppl mentioned that he resembled Deric.

Funn, who are you referring to? Sammul or the girls?

peng said...

where to sammul's leaving?

sehseh said...

He's heading to the greener pastures of Mainland China

Funn Lim said...

Sehseh, I meant Sammul.

Anonymous said...

actors should be versatile like sammul is trying to do. I give him much props and wish him the best.

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