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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

News: DOP Premiere at IFC

*Added! Scoop/Buzz clip of the premiere. Download here.

Sehseh: Lol... don't you just love Bowie? His witty answers always make me laugh!

Translation credits to Jayne.

Gigi Lai Chi, Charmaine Sheh Si Man, Ada Choi Siu Fun, Maggie Shiu Mei Kei, Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, and other cast members attended the premiere for "Dance of Passion." All the actresses wore beautiful dresses, with Gigi's Louis Vuitton dress the most expensive, valued at six figures. Ada and Charmaine also wore designer dresses valued at five figures as well.

Gigi was dressed in Louis Vuitton from top to toe, including sponsored shoes, watch, bracelet, and purse. Including her dress, her total Louis Vuitton ensemble is valued at $200,000 (HKD). Gigi said, "The Louis Vuitton purse that I am carrying is the only one available in Hong Kong. It is a very expensive item and I feel worried carrying it out with me." (Did Gigi plan on purchasing the purse?) Gigi joked and said that she would have to borrow money in order to afford it.

From left: Charmaine, Ada, Gigi & Maggie.

Gigi also noted that when she browses fashion magazines, she will note down the clothes that she likes featured in the fashion photographs. She will then let the designer label sponsors know which clothes she likes so that they can make the styles available to her.

The hall was filled with Charmaine and Gigi's fans.

"Dance of Passion" will be broadcasting next Monday. Is Charmaine Sheh worried that people will compare it to "War and Beauty?" Charmaine said no, as they are different types of drama. Is Charmaine hoping to win awards for her role in the series? "It's hard to say because everyone performed very well in the series." (Is "Dance of Passion" Charmaine's representative work?) "As long as I am not retired, I would not have a representative work yet."

Bowie Lam is full of confidence about "Dance of Passion." Who will Bowie root for [the Best Actress Award] this year? Bowie said, "I don't know, as the series has not been broadcast yet."

Bowie and Moses took the backseat while the ladies stole the limelight.

Allegedly while filming a physical scene with Wong Tak Bun, Maggie Shiu's old back pains came back. Maggie said, "These are old backaches. When I was filming I felt fine, but the pains came afterwards. Since I couldn't even sit down, I had to see the doctor. Now I am feeling better."

On the other hand, Ada Choi Siu Fun went on a gospel trip with several friends, but flew back to Hong Kong especially for the premiere. Ada revealed that she will have to fly to Rome next to continue her gospel trip. Ada said that although the itinerary has been tiring (resulting in aches and swollen feet), she feels an immense satisfaction from the trip.

Ada spent more than several thousand dollars on airfare in returning to Hong Kong. Did TVB pay for the expenses to have Ada fly back for the promotion? "I paid for the travel expenses to return to Hong Kong. I am full of confidence for this series, so I had to come back to attend tonight's event."

Additional tidbits:
1. Bowie wore a 5 figure Emporio Armani suit and Moses joked that his own clothes cost less than 500 bucks.
2. Charmaine was supposed to have two sponsors for her dress for this event but their sizes were too large for her. Therefor she has to shop for the dress last minute.
3. During the screening, Ada suddenly shouted: "贱人啊!That woman is so vicious, it's not me! I can't understand why I'm able to potray her!" The whole cinema roared with laughter.
4. In addition, they have arranged to screen NG scenes of the cast.


For more pictures, check out the post below.

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