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Saturday, April 22, 2006

My Name is Kim Sam-Soon OST

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My Name is Kim Sam-Soon Original Soundtrack
Credits to Soompi Forum.

01. Bonbons au chocolat I
02. Be My Love (Feat. Lee Seung Yul) - Clazziquai *now playing*
03. She Is - Clazziquai
04. WFS
05. go byul - Jo Yong Won
06. ee byul mot han ee byul - Ji Sun from Loveholic
07. Bonbons au chocolat II
08. go byul II - Lee Hae Na
09. bo nael soo uhb neun sarang - Just
10. Gravity - Lim Soon Bum
11. Inside My Heart - Kim Jung Eun
12. Be My Love (Inst.)
13. She Is (Inst.)
14. Bonbons au chocolat III

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Additional tracks:

1. go byul (Piano) - Jun Jong Hyuk
2. swi oon yae gi - Oksoo Photo Studio
3. Inside My Heart (Piano) - Choi Tae Wan
4. ee byul mot han ee byul (Inst.) - W (Where The Story Ends)
5. bo nael soo uhb neun sarang (Inst.) - John+K

To download, go here.


Anonymous said...

thts cool

any one hv the sam soon sing
along the piano short song
written by suh lee son as she mention
tht would be great

Sharon said...

i cant download =(

sehseh said...

They are currently deploying savefile Version 2. DL will be available / resume later.

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