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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Making of... DOP Special

Dance of Passion main cast at "The Making of... DOP Special" last night.

Updates! More gorgeous pics from


Love her belt, it emphasized her tiny waist. I wish she let her hair down, because I'm growing to like her short hair.

Gigi, Bowie:

Bowie and Gigi are very close. Like Gigi's dress, but hope she get rid of the bangle on her upper arm.


The expression in 3rd pic looks funny. The 'exposed' chest was sexy, but I don't like seeing his naked belly.

Ada, Kenny:

Ada's top was just average, but look at her mile long legs! Very sexy and I can't stop staring at her slim thighs. I prefer Kenny's 'open chest' approach, but please shave! You look masculine enough!


Maggie took the 'corporate' approach. It's quite similar with her image in CIB, maybe she was filming before coming over?

Group pics:

Ahh... admiring Charmaine tiny waist and Ada's legs?

Lol... Are Moses trying to be twins with Kenny? They almost dressed the same! Then I noticed the 3rd twin, Vinci. Anyway, I feel a little sorry for Kenny. After all, his name was listed as main cast but he was always overshadowed by others at promotional events. Look at the first group pic, he's not even there.

More pics updated on 13/4/2006:

Moses drove his own yellow Aston Martin to the event.

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