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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Magazines Scans

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The Making of DOP Special:

Note: Below is just a brief translation of the articles. My apologies if I made any mistakes and they were translated in 30 mins pronto (sorry, a little busy!).

DOP Storyline and Characters:

DOP most 'explosive' scene

Moses Chan caused other people's wife to be severely punished.

Caption: Moses character was a man who dared to love and hate. However, he paid the price for this; being punished 'Sky Torching' twice. Charmaine was being punished by being burned on stake for having an affair with Moses. Moses was saved by the rain during the first punishment, but can he survive the 2nd time?

After War & Beauty (WAB), TVB executive producer one again ensemble a star studded cast for Dance of Passion. This series gathered such hype that there were rumors of discord between the four female leads; Gigi Lai, Charmaine Sheh, Ada Choi and Maggie Siu even before it was released.

In the series, the relationships between the leads are very complicated. For example, Charmaine Sheh who was a married woman, had an affair with Moses Chan. When their relationship was exposed, Charmaine was punished by being burned on the stake while Moses has to be wrapped with explosives.

Upper caption: For money, Charmaine chose to become a concubine to Kenny, who was a simple-minded man. However, in the end she had an affair with Moses. Wanting to revenge against Bowie, Moses seek assistance from Bowie's abused wife; Gigi. What is the relationship between them? After surviving the first punishment, Moses joined the army and returned to the village for revenge. However, he fell in love with a married woman (Charmaine) again.

Apart from the absence of Sheren Tang and Maggie Cheung, DOP consisted of the same cast in WAB, with the addition of Ada Choi and Maggie Siu. The story revolves around two powerful families in the firecracker industry during the 1920's. The highlight of this series was the struggle between Yim Family clan leader Bowie and his nemesis Moses from Sung clan. Another interesting factor is that they both fell in love with married women.

Bowie, the head of Yim clan, married Gigi but he doesn't love her. Instead, he constantly abused her. In the end, he fell in love with Ada, the widow from opposing clan. The three of them was trapped in a complex triangle.

Lower caption: Because the two families were in the firecracker industry, there will be a lot of scenes involving explosives. The casts were often required to do their own stunts. Gigi said she was terrified of the firecrackers. Charmaine, Gigi and Ada's skin suffered from the harsh condition in the desert.

Relationship chart

Ada Choi as Chew Yuk
Married to a much older man, Ada became the head of Sung clan after her husband died. She has always fought off Yim clan domination, but she fell in love with Bowie.

Charmaine Sheh as Ka Chun Fen
From the beginning, she was determined to break free from poverty and married into a rich family as a concubine. However, she met her husband's brother, Moses and their affair only brings her danger…

Kenny Wong as Sung Dong Yeung
Kenny whole-heartedly wish to rebuild their family career with Moses, he never expected that his favourite concubine will have an affair with his brother.

Moses Chan as Sung Dong Sing
After surviving the punishment for having an affair with Yim clan's widow, Moses returned to exact his revenge on Bowie. However, like moth drawn to fire, he had an affair with his brother's concubine.

Bowie Lam as Yim Man Hei
The head of Yim clan. Even though he was deaf, he was very cruel and vowed to destroy Sung clan, even though their previous generation has a close relationship. Fate played a trick on him and he fell in love with Ada when he had lost everything.

Gigi Lai and Gai Ming Fung
Gigi was married to Bowie but she doesn't like him, therefore she constantly demanded divorce. This angered Bowie and he often beat and rapes her. When she finally fell in love with him, she realized Bowie loved another woman.

Maggie Siu as Shu Long Yuet
Even though she was older than Ada, she couldn't become the head of Sung clan because of her lower status (her husband is Kenny). She fights against Ada to gain control of Sung family.

The punishment by "Sky Torching"

In the beginning of the series, Moses was being punished for having an affair with Yim clan's widow using the cruel 'Sky Torching'.

In the early years, the people living in the plains used to hang lanterns outside their home. Later, this custom was changed into a horrifying method to punish adulterers. In the series, the female will be tightly wrapped like a mummy and burned alive on the stake. For the male, firecrackers will be exploded on his body. However, there is a flaw in this punishment, he survived due to sudden rain. In the end, he was kicked out of the village. Moses later return to exact his revenge on Bowie.

Moses met his brother's wife; Charmaine and they had an affair. After their relationship was exposed, they were both punished using 'Sky Torching'.

p.s. The left side of the article mentions of the rumors between the leading actresses. It's just said that they boycotted Charmaine. Ironically, in another tabloid, it said that Gigi were being ignored by the cast member. Meaning = The tabloid are making rumors, and TVB allowed them because it's cheap publicity.

Quiz: Charmaine & Bosco, Ideal Lovers:

Artiste were asked to play a psychology quiz by choosing a word from 9 different chinese characters. Both Charmaine and Bosco chose the word '田' (tin, means field).

According to the results, people who choose this word are most likely ideal lovers because they are caring and sensitive to their partner's feelings. In addition, they are more patient and rarely lose their temper. For Charmaine, she said that she use to listen obediently to her (ex)boyfriend and cooks for him when she's free. As for Bosco, he said that if he love someone, he will love her family members as well - no matter how busy he is, he will try to maintain a good relationship with them.

p.s. Hehe... I actually played this quiz before... guess which word I chose?

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