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Saturday, April 01, 2006

LWOLAP Instrumental OST

Poster credit to Koecharmaine.

A huge thanks to Cherrie, who uploaded the instrumental tracks in LWOLAP. I have re-uploaded them to savefile.

Download them here. There should be 9 in total, just scroll down and you'll see the list.

In addition, I'm adding Dance of Passion clips (the making, k100, scoop etc) into a collection, to make it easier for you all to download.

'The making' clips here. *updated April 2nd*
Sales presentation clip here.
Sneak preview clip here.

p.s. There's an option to subscribe to 'the making' project folder, savefile will inform you if I have added new DOP files.

For those who requested for Rain's Sad Tango, I've uploaded it along with another track Slowly.

Sad Tango

Enjoy the clips! I'll be back on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sehseh,

Thank you so much for all your hard work. Always been a fan of your website. ::bows::

Have you ever watch Flying Dagger vs. Flaying Dagger (Fei Dao you jian fei dao) starring Chi Lam Cheung and Ruby Lin? ^^' I just wanted to let you know, if you like the soundtrack in LWOLP, you can find most of them in the Flying Dagger soundtrack. I remember a few years back, the RLIF website was hosting them on their website. Anyways, if you like this type of music, if you can get a chance, check out the flying dagger soundtrack. :)

Thanks for this great website. Take care.


Anonymous said...

I was hoping if you have the song from your blog; the themesong. I really liked it, so hopefully you'll post the song and that it can be download. Thanks!

sehseh said...

Thanks Jo, I'll check it out. Yeah I watched it but couldn't help but hate how they butcher a story like that.

Anonymous, the themesong is here:

Anonymous said...

Hey sehseh,
I was wondering if you have the flute version of LWOLAP subtheme.. The original song was sung by raymond but i want the version without his voice. This music was played in the last episode at the last part where ray and charmaine rode off together.
Thx alot!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was wondering if you could upload that instrumental music that plays during each death scene or when something big happens.

Example: When General Hui dies or when Fung Hang-lit gets stabbed by Tsun Mung-yiu. I really like that track but it isn't included in the list of music that's in the soundtrack.

If you could get it, that would be great. I love what you have so far! This is a neat site. ^_^


sehseh said...

Hannie, I think I ripped the track your mentioned before. It should be in one of my LWOLAP archives (you can access the list using the link on my left sidebar).

I think I titled it to something related to General Hui dead scene. Since my pc have been reformatted, I lost my previous clips. However, let me check if I saved any of them. Meanwhile, you can search the archive area :)

Anonymous said...

Hi sehseh

Thanks heaps for spending the time to extract and share these files with us. The LWOLAP background music I was looking for unfortunately wasn't part of your collection. I liked the part when Sharon returned home, piggybacked by the young prince and bumped into Bosco not long after they found out that they were sibblings. It's a slow and sad melody, and if I'm not mistaken, piano was one of the featured instruments. I would truly appreciate if you could help get this piece for me. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

how do i download the LWOLAP instrumental OST? I can't seems to download it using savefile??

dream17 said...

plz sehseh, can u call me the name of the maintheme song of lwolap ?

Anonymous said...

i can't dl it either can u upload it to sendspace or magaupload or send it to my e-mail at

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