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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

DOP trailer screencaps and summary

In my earlier post, I promised that I will post up more screencaps of the newest DOP trailer (the one from yulexintiandi). Thanks to 爱佘宣, who made the screencaps, I have edited them into a summary form along with some narration. If you wish to repost, please give due credit.

Warning: Some spoilers ahead!

Opening: Introduction of characters

Moses and his lover were punished by Bowie and the villagers. His lover was burned alive in front of his own eyes.

Gigi never thought that she would marry someone as brutal as Bowie. He keeps abusing her, and she burned down his factory.

Meanwhile, Moses has returned to exact his revenge on Bowie. He uses Ada's influence and his friendship with Kenny to plot Bowie's downfall.

Ada, the head of Sung Clan forced her stepson Kenny to marry Charmaine. Kenny refused, but Ada forced him to because Maggie could not have children. Maggie started to lose her importance in Sung clan because Ada favors Charmaine.

Charmaine feels strange why Kenny constantly ignored her, though they slept together. Or could that be someone else?

Charmaine was pregnant, but Kenny is not the father. Moses wanted to elope with Charmaine, but she didn't believe her husband never cared for her.

Moses couldn't stand seeing Bowie's clan bullying the villagers, leading to many intense confrontation.

Ending credits: On the vast yellow sands, admist the glittering fireworks (浩瀚黄沙上, 灿烂烟火间)

Download the clip here. For more screencaps, go here.

p.s. Here's another animation to brighten up MNKSS fans day!
Image Hosted by
Lol... Sam Shik vents his frustration on Sam-Soon pig but he cannot get rid of it :P


Anonymous said...

just a point of clarification: judging from the 2nd set of screencaps, moses has to witness two of his lovers being burned (or nearly burned, in charmaine's case) at the stake? thanks in advance.

sehseh said...

In the screencaps above, there were two scenes. One where he saw his lover burned to death, second where he tried to rescue Charmaine from the stake.

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