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Monday, April 17, 2006

DOP Interview & Trailer

Screencaps thanks to

Uploaded new DOP trailer, credits to There's a long DOP trailer in the latter half of the clip. Don't miss it! New clip title is 'yulexintiandi'.

DOP clips
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I'm currently looking for Charmaine, Moses and Ada's DOP clip. So far I've only watched Bowie and Gigi's version. Anyone has the clips, please, please send them to me :)

So cute! I want to watch Charmaine's trailer!

Updated 18/4/2006: DOP Official Postcards

Group pic

Bowie feat. Ada & Gigi

Charmaine feat. Kenny

Ada feat. Bowie

Gigi feat. Charmaine

Moses feat. Charmaine

Back of the card feat. Charmaine

Pictures credit to Silvermoon.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the update sehseh...
i was just looking at that picture of charmaine wid her tongue sticking out... man does she know how to make things seem happier... the whole trailer was so "dark" and she just made it look more [fill in the blank]... very sweet and cute... she always got that glow...

Janelle said...

hey sehseh, could you please explain what DOP series is about??? briefly..

sehseh said...

Janelle, I'm going to post up a summary based on the trailer later. Do check my newest updates later this evening.

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