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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dance of Passion trailer collection

Attention: I will do a recap/intro of all the trailers later so do bookmark this post if you're interested to read my update(s) :)

First, I would like to say a huge "Thank You" to Bebe from, who uploaded the trailers of DOP.

Up until now, there are 16 DOP trailers/teasers to date. I have compiled them on savefile project for the convenience of you guys/gals. Feel free to subscribe to the folder as you will be notified whenever I add anything new. I advise you to do that since I'm planning to make DOP my site new 'project'.

Please do not repost the savefile link directly at other sites.

Note: Please turn of the background music of my site before playing the clip.

Preview: Trailer 16, 1 mins.

Trailer 16 is a summary of the other 15 trailers.

To access my DOP trailers and clips collection, please go here.

You can also reach this folder by clicking on the DOP banner at the top of my site.

Another bonus for fellow Charmaine fans:

Charmaine's character trailer in DOP.

Some screencaps courtesy of

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