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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Dance of Passion mag scan

Warning: Some spoilers ahead!

All image scans belongs to If reposted, please give proper credit.

p.s. I'll do the translation IF I can bear squinting at the blurry words. I welcome any help I can get!


Anonymous said...

The song you gave me was the themesong of LWOLAP. I want the song from your blog; the one from your site, not the movie. So please post the song up and that it can be download. It's the song playing whenever people visit your site. It starts of with a guy singing ans saying it's been so long, etc.
Thanks, Bye bye!

sehseh said...

1. I did post them song us, it's not a long time ago and it was repeatedly asked and answered in my cbox.

2. You didn't mention which songs you asked and my name is not 'Hey'.

sehseh said...

Ppl, please excuse me if I'm being a bit catty today. Sometimes it irks me because checking up my archives before asking and using a little courtesy while making request won't hurt.

I'm not always Miss Nice :P

dream17 said...

can u upload the subtheme of dance of passion by charmaine ?

chongchai1 said...

Ms SehSeh

Yes, I'm totally agree with you. Anonymous do not have any blogging manners. Teacher always taught us start with PLEASE if you need sth from other ppl.

SehSeh don't respond to such ppl next time.

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