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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dance of Passion Gallery & Bloopers

Updates! TVB Dance of Passion official site is up.

I found the mega huge pictures of DOP but unfortunately as they're over 3mb each, I could only upload the medium sized version.

Characters gallery:

(kenny Wong was obviously snubbed - again. He's one the the main characters and he appeared on interviews with the leads!)

Scenes gallery (some spoilers):

p.s. Hmmm... the blood on Bowie's eyes looked a bit fake. One of TVB flaws is that they could never reproduce fake blood realistically.

Special: NGs and Bloopers scenes
Courtesy of, entertainment scoop are featuring special interview(s) where the casts discussed on their experience while filming DOP and of course disclosing each other's embarassing secrets! Lol... Bowie had me in stitches...

Part 1: The One that Suffered the Most.

Hahaha... this clip is so funny! Bowie couldn't stop jesting with Charmaine & Moses. Poor Charmaine, so many injuries and difficult stunts! Anyway, the cast seems really respect Charmaine's work attitude. After watching this interview, I much more impressed (and touched) with Charmaine's reply in here. Charmaine, aza aza fighting! I couldn't stop laughing when Bowie jested about Moses bursting his alleged 'piles'. Lol...

Part 2: The One that is Most Picky.

This clip is also very funny, highlighting on Gigi. Contrary with what's going on between the fans at cinple forum, she's pretty chummy with Charmaine here.

*Added* April 29, 2006 (Sunday)

Part 3: The One with Veils

The cast teased Ada and Maggie for packing so many food to YinChuan. Gigi demonstrated the layers of veils she wore while filming DOP because sand are everywhere. Because Kenny was sturdy, he became a 'walking cane' for the female cast. In the last NG part, Moses was suppose to carry Charmaine onto the mule but that animal running away. Charmaine sound like a kid when she said "Don't want to go up anymore!"

Part 4: The One that Pranked

Ada was mega hilarious in here. She's such a prankster! She and Bowie make a good match in here, with all their funny banters. Pay attention to the part where they're suppose to be filming an escape scene, and Bowie's conversation with Ada (while running!) was "Is there a restaurant nearby? Let's go for a drink!". LOL...

*Added* May 4th, 2006 (Thursday)

Part 5: The One that is Most Troublesome

The last clip highlight on Bowie, who is actually very caring toward his co-stars.

To download the clips, please go to my DOP project folder.

p.s. I have changed all the clips above into clearer, .rm version. In addition, I added a ripped version of the themesong by Bowie.


Anonymous said...

hey just wanted to let you know that i've seen the first 3 episodes of dance of passion and it is very very GOOD!!! i love it so far!! the themesong is also very good (bowie sang it) and the charmaines subtheme sounds very nice too...

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for uploading the clips! Just wondering if you had the clip 戲說火舞黃沙 which was aired at 7:00 on the 28th of April. Thanks! Keep up the good work!

sehseh said...

Do you mean the long interview clips?

You can find them at Koe's blog:

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