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Monday, April 17, 2006

Charmaine troubled by rumors

Charmaine Sheh troubled by 3rd party rumor?
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Charmaine, who was recently linked to Joe Ma's marriage break up, was seen window shopping yesterday. However, she seems troubled and tired, even going up on a wrong cab. It was unknown why she looked so miserable.

Due to Joe Ma's marriage problem, Charmaine was implicated along with her best friend Sonija Kwok. Being labelled as a 3rd party/husband snatcher has affected Charmaine's mood.

Yesterday, Charmaine went shopping alone at Causeway Bay. The reporter saw the pale looking Charmaine entering a boutique and left 45mins afterward. When she saw reporters, Charmaine did not forget to smile at them, allowing them to take pictures and even chatted with them. She said: "I just finished filming, I'm free this evening so I took the opportunity to shop. I still have to work tonight."

When the reporters asked about Joe, Charmaine was very calm about it. "I already said about this the last time. I have to go home and change for work now." Charmaine quickly went to catch a taxi but didn't realize that the taxi was on a break. Seems like Charmaine was really troubled by all these rumors.

Compared to her radiant appearance at Next Magazine Award, Charmaine has became pale nowaday.

Benny Chan is not my boyfriend!

Recently, Charmaine Sheh and Myolie We went to Shanghai for TVBI promotion. Due to Joe Ma marriage break up rumor, Charmaine has been labelled by HK paparazzi as one of the 'fox spirit', making her upset. When this matter was brought up again at Shanghai press conference, Charmaine was relaxed and replied: "You don't need to ask me this because it's false rumors."

Charmaine admitted that because they have co-operated thrice, their relationship was close but not the kind that was mentioned in the tabloids. She also added that Joe loves his family very much and he's at France with them now.

The reporters also asked whether Charmaine was denying this because she was afraid to answer to her boyfriend, Benny Chan? To this, Charmaine replied: "Benny Chan is not my boyfriend, I don't have to explain anything to him."

Intense rivalry between Fadans

Before this, TVB fadans has repeatedly denied that there was fierce rivalry among themselves, saying that TVB is one big happy family. However, Charmaine seem to give a more realistic answer: Rivalry doesn't just exist in TVB, wherever you go there will always be some kind of rivalry. She also teased the reporters by saying that it'll be 'boring' without rivalries (probably referring to the rumors they made up).

However, Charmaine explained that she has neutral feelings for rivalry, she only has interest in finishing her job. Since last year, Charmaine has already filmed around 150 episodes of series, though the ratings are not optimistic. To this, Charmaine continues to be TVB's 'obedient daughter': the company arranged her projects, so she'll just do her part as best as she could. In regards of ratings, she has no control over this.

More pics here. The pics was taken by a fan at the airport and guess what? Raymond was there! Lol... you could see his pics at the second page. Wonder did he said anything to Charmaine and Myolie?

Here's another batch of pictures taken by Cecica.


Funn Lim said...

Follow up article dated today by a reputable magazine:-

"Benny Chan is most definitely not NOT my boyfriend and we are definitely not NOT lovers"

Charmaine Sheh, the famous HKTVB actress has once again commented on often repeated and speculated rumours that she is Benny Chan's girlfriend by simply double denying a denial, thus making it a solid fact.

Benny Chan for once is unavailable for comments, which is unusual for his usual style as he seems to be stunned into complete silence by Miss Sheh's double denial.

Could this be a misinterpretation of what she said in Chinese translated into English or quite simply could she for once be admitting the truth by denying it?

As cliche as it may sound, we shall only conclude only time will tell.

Source : LWC Magazine, published by Like We Care Publications Sdn Bhd

Funn Lim said...

Oh by the way, re your poll. Yes, please get rid of the black. Try something more chirpy like well anything but white.

After using white, I can never go for any other colours ever again. Charmaine sheh's fave colour? Pink?

sehseh said...

Thanks for the updates, Funn! Haha...imagine someone posting news sooner than me! :P

Yeah, I'm thinking of brighther colors but those who will be easy on the eyes. White is out of consideration because it's so... bland. Pink is too girly; sehseh does not equal pink!

koecharmaine said...

I think most of the people who visits this blog thinks that black is the most suitable colour for sehseh blog. Btw, why Charmaine always involved into those stupid rumours. The HK reporters really has nothing better to do. Totally hopeless. Hope that Charmaine will get over it soon.

Helen said...

BTW, I read the article in Apple Daily about this shanghai trip. It mentioned that it is obvious that Charm has MORE fans than Myolie. I am not trying to offend Myolie's fans, but I am just sooooo happy to know that Charm is very popular in Shanghai, in contrary to what an earlier article had said that she is unknown in Shanghai.

sehseh said...

Helen, no need to worry much because Charmaine has a huge fanbase in Mainland China. So huge that her International Fan Club has yet to set off because it's still compiling member info - since two years back.

Those under Tina's management, I think Bosco's official international fans club has just set off. Don't know abt Myolie's.

Funn Lim said...

Helen, does it matter who has more fans? I believe Myolie will have a longer and more fruitful career, because no offense she is a better actress. Charmaine has her charm, Myolie has her talent. It doesn't matter who has more fans. Maybe Myolie's fans are working people who has to work so they can't make it?

Moreover Charmaine started WAYYY WAYYYY before Myolie.

sehseh said...

Sorry, but never felt that Myolie was extremely talented nor was she better than Charmaine. Yes, she has potential but plenty of actresses were ahead of her.

By the way, Myolie entered TVB in 1999, two years after Charmaine. She is not that 'new'.

sehseh said...

Maybe Myolie's fans are working people who has to work so they can't make it?

And Charmaine's fans doesn't have to? Helen maybe a Charmaine's fan, but she does state a fact that Charmaine has more fans there.

I normally doesn't comment much on this kind of topic but I couldn't resist posting a reply. Funn, you should know me better than I'm always more realistic than other fans so my statement are not based on my preference for Charmaine alone. Moreover, you yourself are a big fan of Myolie.

L666 said...

i hope sister Charmaine Sheh was
alwayz tough and can handle any obtacles in life that can struck her.

As i know, she's now doing a donation
for China earth quake victim.

Life as an actress is alwayz stressful cause hv to face bunch of
peoples around, not much self freedom
and peoples just don care how u feel.

Even, Nicole Kidman once say, "i cry every show i made" & i didnt intend to become a star".

Actress/ Actor hv their own & personal life too, reporters objective is to get the paparazi to the public and spread it like disease!

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