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Monday, April 03, 2006

Charmaine Sheh showed off her sexy legs

Charmaine Sheh permed hair and showed off sexy legs in new series

Charmaine Sheh will begin to film new series "Pearl of Orient" in April, so she is now busy wrapping up the filming for Phoenix Quartet. In the series, Charmaine and Sherming are both beer promoter, therefore they paid attention in creating their image. Last week, they both went to Causeway Bay Lee's Garden Hotel to film an outdoor scene; where they walked up and down the streets with two packs of food. In order to match their beer promoter image, not only did Charmaine permed her hair, she also wore a minishort (which she rarely does), a pink jacket with a white coloured boots. Meanwhile, her good partner Sherming wore a camouflage miniskirt, a beige top with a cream coloured boots. When two of them walked together, they resembles a pair of twin sisters, thus attracting a lot of passerby.

Charmaine who has always been plagued by rumors, seem to enjoy working with Sherming; sharing foods, chatting and even listening from the same earpiece together. Seeing that they are always together, it seems that they have really became good friends in real life.

Haha... The reporters doesn't realize that Charmaine was wearing a wig? Plus, Sherming has always been on familiar terms with her since their ROTC days (plus they also worked in two films together).

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