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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Charmaine: Joe's marriage is fine!

Charmaine denied being the 3rd party
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My translation:
Recently, there are rumors of Joe Ma's marriage breakup and Charmaine Sheh was one of the linked '3rd party', apart from her best friend Sonija Kwok. Charmaine said she's been keeping in touch with Sonija, but they didn't discuss on this matter.

Charmaine, who rarely comments on these rumors, became a little upset when questioned by the reporters. The reporters wondered the reason for her strong denial; was she afraid to explain to her 'boyfriend' Benny Chan, or whether she just avoiding getting embroiled in these kind of scandals. Charmaine was asked to comment on Joe's marriage breakup rumor. She appeared to be relaxed in her reply:

"Today we are here to promote Dance of Passion. The rumors are not true, even the one involving Sonija has no truth."

How is Joe's marriage doing? "Very good! He went to France to accompany his wife and son after finish filming Phoenix Quartet."

When asked of her hopes for DOP ratings, Charmaine was happy to express her opinion. However, when some reporter continues to ask about Joe's marriage, Charmaine slightly raised her voice: "It's fine! He went to France to visit his family, that means the rumors are false."

Maybe he went there to patch things up with his wife? "Apart from the script, I will not question about his private life. What do you expect me to ask; whether he's getting divorced?! I'm clear of my own actions. "

Charmaine drove her own Mercedes-Benz SLK 350 to the event.

Additional news: That night, TVB has arranged for the main cast to arrive in luxury sportcars. Charmaine and Moses even drove their own roadster to the event. Ada did not drive to the event, but she said she's contented because "Prince Charming" Kenny Wong chauffeured her in a luxury car!

Ada's sexy image a huge attraction
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Ada teased Kenny as "Prince Charming".

News credit to Jayne.

Maggie Siu Mei Kei said that "Dance of Passion" is very meaningful and all the cast members worked very hard during filming. They hope that the audience will like the new series.

Accordingly, Maggie was the actress with the highest probability of securing the Best Supporting Actress Award after Teresa Mo Shun Kwan. Maggie laughed, "Really, I'm number two? Actually I'm already very happy in being nominated, so I don't mind not winning the award. I had to work on that day and could not attend the Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony. But I called Teresa and congratulated her."

Maggie said that she will continue to film movies and TV series; she hopes to work continuously. Does this mean that Maggie is not planning on dating? Maggie said, "Now I'm filming 2 series at the same time, so I'm quite busy." (Did Maggie have any new pursuers or old flames after her?) Maggie said, "I don't know!" (Does Maggie wish to date now?) "I will focus on work first. As for dating, I'll let things take their natural course."

The main leads: Moses, Maggie, Charmaine, Bowie, Gigi, Ada & Kenny.

Ada Choi wore a low cut dress and took the center of attention. Ada said, "It's ok; actually everyone looks great tonight!" Ada explained that her image that night was to match the elegance of her character in the series. Ada is very excited about "Dance of Passion" and hopes that the ratings will supercede "War and Beauty." Ada said that TVB executive management is also confident about the ratings, therefore TVB spent $1 million (HKD) on making the "Dance of Passion" production special. They utilized 10 luxury cars and 10 concurrent cameras during filming.

Gigi Lai Chi appeared in a floral green dress. Reporters pointed out that Angela Tong Ying Ying had also worn the same dress at the Next Magazine Top 10 TV Artists Awards ceremony. Gigi didn't mind and said, "That only shows that both of us have good taste!"


Sehseh: Actually, I think Charmaine was not that upset being linked to Joe Ma, she's a little frustrated by the fact that the reporters are more interested in this rumor rather than DOP itself. Look at the bright side, at least Maggie doesn't need to suffer from "Ekin-Gigi" breakup questions that night. No wonder Gigi Lai's dress look so familiar...

For more pictures of the DOP event, please read the post below.


Anonymous said...

Charm is so pretty in this evenig I hope that the pappartzi can jsut stop making that kind of roumers *mad*
also didn´t angela have that same dress as Gigi on the TV awrad

Helen said...

I think the Joe Ma link is a far fetched rumour. You know the HK reporters tend to just make things up. I won't be too concerned about it. And Charm is so used to these type of rumours lah, I don't think she will be upset either. Talking about rumours, I think her link with Benny looks more real than this.

BTW, I find that Bowie really loves to wear a narrow black tie. I have seen his pictures years ago and his outfit is in the same style. I remembered it was very "in" in the '80's.

sehseh said...

Charmaine is not upset with the rumors. She is upset that they keep on asking the same stupid question (which she already answered repeatedly), when they should have really asked DOP questions instead.

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