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Monday, April 10, 2006

Charmaine: I want a diamond larger than my palm

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White is the popular color this summer, Charmaine said that white color complimented their fair skintone while Myolie said that a dash of color brings out their lively disposition.

Yesterday Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu attended 3D-Gold jewellery shop 9th branch opening as ribbon-cutting guests. They wore a low cut white dress and "Sparkling Star Cluster" worth $770,000 and "Heart of Sapphire" worth $580,000 each. The two beauties attracted a huge crowd and as a token of appreciation, they were presented 5-figure jewellery.

Since Charmaine was the ribbon-cutting guest for the first branch opening, did she received any increase in the reward? Charmaine joked: "Of course! It was increased 9 times fold, haha!" As Mother's Day is approaching, Charmaine planned to buy some jewellery as gift to her mother since they gave her a special discount. Charmaine has bought some rings and earrings previously.

Charmaine also divulged to the reporters that she has once received a 5-carat diamond ring before. Charmaine said it was from a male admirer as love declaration. Did he propose? Charmaine joked: "If it was a proposal, I want a diamond larger than my palm!"

"Actually, I felt that he was a generous person. However, love cannot be build on wealth alone, our personalities have to match too."

Was it from Benny Chan? "I'm not telling!"

Charmaine rarely wears the ring so she gave it to her mum. "The ring doesn't have a special meaning to me, it's all in the past." Charmaine also expressed that when she get married in the future, she want to wear a traditional chinese wedding gown (kua), with a gold pig pendant and wearing lots of gold bracelets till it reaches her elbow!

Myolie is busy gaining weight

On the other hand, Myolie has never received a diamond ring from her ex-boyfriend. "I've never received a diamond ring before, because our relationship has yet to consider marriage. I hope that my future husband will propose to me using at least 3-carat diamond ring, because I love big diamonds! Her stepmother likes to collect jewellery and she had told Myolie that she'll be giving them to her as wedding dowry. Currently, Myolie was trying to gain weight for her upcoming TV series. She admits that a lot of slimming centres have expressed their interest in her.

Sehseh: Myolie looks radiant with her increased weight. According to recent news, she now weight approximately 54kg, which was actually a healthy weight for her height - this should not be considered as fat, in fact it was far from being chubby! Charmaine also seems to have gained back a little weight but I doubt she can sustain it due to her busy schedule and her slimming contract with Terimee (she'll be coming to Msia in June). About the diamond ring she received, I vaguely remember that it was a long time ago after she finished her studies. She was very young back then and naturally, she was taken aback by his proposal because they have just get to know each other!

p.s. Charmaine's dress looks familiar. I'm sure it's a designer dress but can't remember which label. Anyone have any idea?

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