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Friday, April 07, 2006

Charmaine display maternal affection

Charmaine Sheh Rescues Baby From Railroad Accident

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The baby never cried in Charmaine's arm, it seems that the baby enjoyed the company of his 'mother' in the series.

Charmaine Sheh Si Man and Joe Ma Tak Chung were filming in Tuen Mun yesterday for "Phoenix Quartet." They were shooting a railroad derailment scene. Charmaine and Joe were filming very long hours and both felt very tired. But when they filmed before the camera, they immediately got into their roles. Even the weak Charmaine appeared to be quite strong when she had to run around carrying a baby in her arms for the scene.

Not only the props are very realistic, the expression on Charmaine's face during filming is very real.

TVB set up props to make the derailment look more realistic. They dispatched several extras for the scene. Charmaine had to carry a baby in her arms and luckily the baby was very obedient and did not resist.

Charmaine said afterwards that it was not hard work. "It's been okay. The baby is quite cute too!" When the baby sat on Joe's lap, the baby sat comfortably and securely, it appears that Joe has considerable experience with babies!

Joe Ma is very good at babysitting; look how comfortable the baby was while sitting on his lap!

"Phoenix Quartet" features several independent stories across different historical timelines. As a result, there have been instances where Joe and Charmaine have been filming various scenes in different stories on the same day. Joe said, "It's inevitable to be confused! The whole series is grounded on the same lead actors. However on the same day, I have experienced playing 3 different characters in 3 separate stories. However, I tried many new opportunities in this series, such as imitating Mao Zedong and Elvis Presley!"

Charmaine agreed with Joe's comments. "I have been confused too. Sometimes I will forget which actors play my characters' parents. Both Joe and I have called each other by the wrong names before!"

Translation credit to Jayne.


Pearl of Orient news pictures: Susanna Kwan and Paul Chun were filming an argument scene outside a funeral parlor. Credits to Takungpao and Wenweipo.

Fanmade artwork: Lol, I found a fanart of The Smiling, Proud Wanderer in baidu forum. Can you recognize them? Hehe...

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