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Monday, April 10, 2006

Charmaine caught dating with Joe Ma

Magazine scan credit to Bebe from

Most artistes prefer dating in secret, avoiding public area where there's a huge crowd. Surprisingly, while shopping at Causeway Bay two days ago, the reporter spotted Charmaine holding hands with a guy on the street.

Upon closer inspection, the guy was none other than Joe Ma. They were actually filming outdoor scenes for their new series "Phoenix Quartet". Both of them quickly left after filming, to avoid being surrounded by fans.

Hehe... Hope I didn't gave you guys/gals a heart attack earlier :P

Kevin Cheng said Charmaine have beautiful eyes. News credit to Chic.

嘉穎除了向全智賢獻花外,更即場示範為模特兒Amanda Strang敷眼膜。在台上被問到那位女藝人的眼睛最靚時,他說:「我日前遇到鍾楚紅,佢對眼真係好靚;合作過的佘詩曼同周麗淇對眼都好靚!」 但由始至終未提及代言人全智賢,要司儀提醒他才想起來。

At a Laneige promotional function, when interviewed by reporters as to which female celebrity's eyes are the most beautiful, Kevin's reply was: "I've recently met Cherie Chung... her pair of eyes is really gorgeous. Charmaine Sheh and Niki Chow, whom I've collaborated with before, also have really beautiful eyes."

Scans: Charmaine was featured on Women magazine, April issue.

I'll be posting up the translation later, since this one is much easier than iFeel's. Ahemm, I'll try my best to post iFeel interview at soonest but darn that article was difficult for me! Magazine scans credit to Freddy:

Repost of old pic: MHK 1997 magazine scan.

Credit to AngelRain from

Hehe... Charmaine has changed so much since she entered TVB. I kind of missed her chubby face, but her new images are more elegant and refined.

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