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Monday, March 06, 2006

Project Superstar

Any fellow Malaysian watched the elimination results yesterday? I was out the whole day and I missed the results so please, do inform me who left the competition!

I find myself watching on the male's competition on Fri and skipping the female's on Sat. Now, not that any of the male contestant are particlarly attractive, it's just that the female competition are... bland. Boring, to be exact.

If I have to choose a favorite, I think I'll choose Rick.

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Rick - Not the most good looking out of them but definitely have the best voice, IMO. In fact, he have this Nicholas Teo like quality; gentle and soothing voice.

Rickman Fans Club.

As for female, I will choose Regine because I was quite impressed with her audition session. However, as I said since I'm losing interest on the girls, I can't really say who has the better chance of winning. After all, this is a singing PLUS popularity competition.

For more information of the contestants, go here.
Images in this post courtesy of 8tv.

p.s. I'm planning to make a Charray LWOLAP MV but I'm stuck at song selection. Any good recommendation?


cherrie said...

hi sehseh! how about this song? leo ku's 愛與誠? here's the song: lyrics are here: i like this song, but i think the lyrics is not that...
another suggestion. 張敬軒's 無能為力. i think this fits FHL esp when he's betrayed by GBW. here's the song:
and the lyrics:

bao said...

how about..
Chilam's Smile Tears
Janice's My Love My Fate
i don't know if the lyrics and/or music are suitable.. just love these two songs a lot XD

sehseh said...

Thanks for the suggesting. Love and Honesty seems a bit modern. Hin's song seems ok, but too 'gentle' for my planned storyboard.

My Love, my Fate? I'll try looking for this song (sorry, kinda outdated in new cantopop) :P

Kidd said...

Is Project Superstar 绝对Superstar?

I didn't watch the semifinal, but my friend told me that Derek and John got in.

My favourite male contestant is John, so, I'm happy that he got in.

I think he sings the best and he has a very attractive smile. I only started watching when there were only 4 male contestants left. When they introduced the guys, John was the only who captured my attention and was the only one whose face I remember. He is not very good-looking but he has a memorable face (must be the smile). My friend (who is a guy) also favored him. :)

sehseh said...


Project Superstar is 绝对 Superstar :)

Rick's will be having his competition tomorrow night for the entry into semifinals. Yeah, John was very warm but he looked kind of short to me (no offense!).

Btw, those who failed to enter semifinals, no worries as there is still ONE chance at wildcard competition

cherrie said...

what is your planned mood of your mv? what will be its focus?

sehseh said...

The mood of my MV? More to the love & hate relationship btwn CMY & FHL. I'm looking for a song than starts slow, climax in the middle/near end and then ended slowly again. :)

Anonymous said...

hmm... don't know if the mood will be right, or if the lyrics will apply, but what about that jay chou/lara song... "shan hu hai"... just a thought since i am in love with that song, but yeah, hope you'll inform us of the song you end up choosing. =)


Kidd said...

Yeah, John was very warm but he looked kind of short to me (no offense!).

Haha. I'm not offended. That is the undeniable truth. He is kinda short. ;)

sehseh said...

By the way, what's the 'theme' for this week's Group B competition? Still local songs?

Last week Group A (is John in this group?) theme was local song and Nicholas Teo's songs was a populare choice. I'm not suprised if majority of Group B male also choose his songs.

sehseh said...

By the way viet, can you give me the chinese title of your recommended song?

Anonymous said...

oh, i uploaded the song (珊瑚海) in case you're just interested in checking it out.

lyrics are found yonder:

Anonymous said...

eh. that was me, viet, w/ the last comment by the way. and i think the lyrics got cut off. blah.

later days,

lyrics here:

Kidd said...

I also don't know the theme of the week.

sehseh said...

Thanks viet! Will download them shortly :)

Kidd, I've just watched tonight's Superstar episode, Winson did great.

My guess for that Winson, Rickman and John will be top 3. Rickman simple chose the wrong song tonight.

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