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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Phoenix Quartet filming continues

Joe Ma flirting with Charmaine Sheh on the streets?

Joe Ma Tak Chung, Charmaine Sheh Si Man, Wong Hop Hei, and Sherming Yiu Lok Yi were filming for "Phoenix Quartet" yesterday in Lan Kwai Fong. The filming attracted many bystanders to watch.

In the series, Joe's fiance broke off their engagement and ran off. As a result, Joe was depressed and went drinking in a bar. After he got drunk, Joe started flirting with various women on the street, including Charmaine Sheh. As a result, Joe met Charmaine and they started a new relationship together.

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Joe indicated that in real life, he rarely drinks. Also, Joe would control his liquor intake, so it is rare for him to get very drunk. Joe also said that he does not visit Lan Kwai Fong on a normal basis. The last time he was there, it was many years ago and it was due to work requirements.

Translations credit to Jayne.

TVB Magazine Issue 458: Sammul Carrying A Pig

Pics credit to iSammul.

Okie dokie, here's my brief translation:

Recently, Sammul was busy filming Phoenix Quartet. However, why he's running arround with a pig on his shoulder? Actually, this all happened because he want to collect debts. However, since he's the one collecting debt, not borrowing money, why he was humiliated like this?

Wong Yuk Lun (Sammul) was born in a rich family and the grandson of the influential Wong Sin Kei (Wu Fung). Having a wife Ngai Ling Fung (Charmaine) and a son, he was supposed to have a blissful life. However, because of his arrogance and gambling addiction, he squandered his family fortune away, leaving them homeless. At this time, chef Yu Chi (Joe) lend a helping hand and let the family stay in a shack behind the restaurant.

Wanting to give his family some comfort, Sammul went looking for his old friends and asked them to return the money they owed him. However, these 'friends' deliberately humiliated him by asking him to carry a pig for $20. Sammul has no choice but to agree. Having a young son and wife to take care of, including his mother and relatives, it's no a wonder why Sammul was willing to be humiliated for a mere $20. When he was rich, Sammul always showed off and humiliated his friends so they decided it was 'payback' time.

Learning from Francis Ng
Sammul's role as gambling addict was diffferent from his usual 'good boy' image. Sammul said that he's observing Francis Ng portrayal in these kind of (bad) characters. When asked if he was worried that playing bad roles will affect his image, Sammul said no because a well rounded actor should try a variety of role. Taking the same role can be very boring, so he like to challenge himself with new roles.

Because the pig was heavy, around 50kg, a few person has to help carry it onto Sammul's shoulder. During filming, the crew will help Sammul by supporting the pig from behind. After filming, Sammul realized that his shoulder has turned red. He joked that luckily he exercised regularly, or else he wouldn't be able to handle it.

There is a restaurant in Phoenix Quartet, and the owner is none other than Ling Fung (Charmaine). In the series, with the help of Joe and her rich family (her own parents), Charmaine was able to open her own restaurant.

Additional mag scans:

"Pearl of Orient" costume fitting ceremony:

Pictures credit to Bebe.

Favorite Actor, Actress working on "Pearl of Orient"

Consisting of cast members which has never worked together before, PO hopes to create some new chemistry and freshness to audiences. Roger joked that he's both Liza and Charmaine's "Zai". For those who doesn't know Cantonese, Zai means son, but in modern slang also meant boyfriend. Charmaine's character was a girl with speech difficulties (stutter). She demonstrated on the spot and it sounds so real! Susanna Kwan and Fong Yee Kay are both good singers, therefore they would not have problems with their roles. As for Sharon, her character has one leg shorter than the other therefore she has to wear a foot brace, making her a little uncomfortable when she walks.

TVB artiste select their own car registration number:

Pictures credit to Bebe.

TVB artistes were asked to create their own car registration number (p.s. not real). It seems that most of them like to use their own name or birth date. Wouldn't that be a little risky, since fans and reporters could easily recognize them?

Charmaine Sheh: SS1
SS means my name in english. '1' represents TVB spirit; which is being the best!
Popularity: 4, Creativity: 2

Charmaine's number was quite common, because there's a lot of people who have SS in their name. Maybe Sek Sau will choose the same number as well!

p.s. It seems that San Chong, Sharon and Shermon also like to use their initial. Note that San Chong and Sharon's also started with 'SC'.


Funn Lim said...

I don't see why SS? Charmaine Sheh should be CS, Sheh Sze Man should be ah? Or maybe it is indicative of dress size? Super Small 1?

Anonymous said...

i think sammuel's character's middle name is "yuk" in cantonese, the same sound as the word for move
i have checked the dictionary

sehseh said...

Thanks anonymous, I will edit my post later.

Funn, I think she's referring to shehsheh (many of her fans either call her ah sheh or shehsheh)

Anonymous said...

just asking will u be posting the pearl of orient costum fitting on ur site?? thanks

sehseh said...

I did posted the news of costume fitting in my previous post.

Anonymous said...

sorry what i ment was the actual clip of the pearl of orient costum fitting... will u be loading that??

sehseh said...

I haven't found the clip, it was not featured on ent scoop

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