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Friday, March 31, 2006

Next Magazine TV Award Ceremony

Updated April 2nd, 2006: Clip from TVB Scoop

OMG... Charmaine just trimmed her hair above shoulder length. She never fails to surprise, because when she just returned from DOP filming, she told fans that she will try to keep her long hair. Anyway, she looks younger and more refreshed in this style.

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Ah... gorgeous!

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Yesterday, both Bernice Liu and Charmaine Sheh revealed their back when attending the “Top Ten Artists Awards”. However, it was Bernice who was the most attractive because of her sex appeal.

Bernice Liu

Regarding this, Bernice said: “This is the first time that I have won an award, so my appearance definitely has to be impressive. Besides, it is Aaron Kwok who will present me the award and with whom I have filmed my first MV. So I am really very happy about it! This dress is from Lane Crawford’s new brand Willow, it is worth more than 10 000 HK dollars. Because they have sewed many beads and lovers on it, it is heavy. All the weight is carried by only two straps from my chest.” Asked her whether this is her real chest, she smilingly told: “My person has always been very real! [Is your inside real?] Actually, this dress reveals my back, so it is difficult to wear underwear underneath it!”

Upon seeing Charmaine yesterday, she seems to be very thin. Regarding this, she said: “Because it was too exhausting filming “Phoenix Quartet” earlier, therefore I have become thinner. I only weigh 98 pounds at the moment! I also hope that I can gain three pounds, so that it can help me surpass the three digits!”

On the other hand, Liza Wang received the fifth place of the “Top Ten Artists Award” and the “Top Ten Series Award” yesterday. She told very happily: “I am very happy that I can receive these awards from Uncle Tin Lam. Today, the three generations of artists, namely old, middle-aged and young, are all present here. And I am part of one of these generations! I am very happy for the opportunities to cooperate and film series with these young people. Hopefully everyone will continue focusing on filming good series.”

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p.s. Aaron Kwok was the award presenter this year. Last year was Andy Lau. Who's turn next year? Leon Lai? :P

Meanwhile, I have uploaded Le Femme Desperado trailer featuring a very sexy (and half naked) Raymond. Credits to fung_cato and Raymond's Forest.

LFD is set to air on April 17th, 2006.

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