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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dance of Passion, Phoenix Quartet and Pearl of Orient


Sigh~ I'm having a terrible day at work and I have this premonition of 'eating dead cat'. In fact, I can visualize the sacrifical altar ahead.

I guess I can momentarily 'forget' my troubles while updating the numerous news today.

Dance of Passion

p.s. Was it just me or did Ngo Ka Nin has become more and more attractive these days?

Image credit to baidu forum and I noticed that each lead have their own special card. I want to see Charmaine's version. For Moses version, Charmaine was standing in the middle of the desert, face covered. In Gigi's version, both Gigi & Charmaine were in their bridal gown, trying to escape from the fire.

Fans, rejoice! Dance of Passion will be released on May 1st, 2006. Yesterday the cast (minus Charmaine) attended a preview event. Seems like TVB is putting heavy bets on DOP, with promotion starting months before airing date. More news and pictures of this event can be read at

p.s. I'm amused by Ada's jest regarding slapping Bowie. Lol...

CLIPS! Thanks to Qingwa, who help me re-upload the clip (sorry people, I accidentally deleted from my pc last night because I was sleepy & blur!). Anyway, the clip originated from

Download clip

The closest thing we see of Charmaine in this event. (Both ladies look lovely!)

Pearl of Orient 《東方之珠》

The cast will be having their costume fitting today. Do check out tomorrow for follow up news and pictures.

Cast: Liza Wang, Roger Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, Susanna Kwan, Chris Lai, Sharon Chan, Sek Sau, Fong Yee Kay, Chan San Chong, Chan Dan Dan, Mimi Chu, Evergreen Mak, Akina Hong, Halina Tam. Executive producer: Tong Kei Ming.

Phoenix Quartet

Charmaine refused to catch Sherming's bridal bouquet

Everyone was anticipating for Sherming to throw her bridal bouquet, except for Charmaine.

Yesterday Sherming and Wong Hap Hei filmed a wedding scene for Phoenix Quartet, where Sherming wore a bridal gown. Charmaine and Joe Ma were there to witness the nuptial. The fake newlyweds attracted a lot of real newlyweds, who requested to take pictures with them. To give these couples an unforgettable memory, Sherming and Wong granted every request.

Afterwards, the fake bride (Sherming) throws her bridal bouquet towards Charmaine Sheh, but she refuses to accept the bouquet and even placed both hands behind her. Later, the reporter asked Charmaine if she ever catched a bridal bouquet before. She replied: "Never, because most of my friends and relatives wedding were Chinese ceremonies, bridal gowns were rarely seen." Does she look forward getting married? "I don't even have a target (prospective groom), how can I be looking forward? I just want to concentrate on my career."

On a side note, Joe divulged that he never took wedding pictorial with his wife when they got married.

Sehseh: Really? I thought western style ceremony were more popular? Anyway, quite surprised that Joe didn't take wedding pictures with his wife. Joe kept his family very private, a feat which is quite difficult for many celebrities out there.

TVB mag issue 457 scans, credit to Bebe from

Summary: The story behind the wedding dress

Charmaine (See Ka) and Sherming went to the bridal salon to take their wedding pictures. Because they have no grooms and they behave very intimately, people has mistaken that they're lesbian. Actually, because both of them doesn't believe in marriage, they doesn't plan to get married but they really want to wear a wedding dress once in a lifetime. Therefore, they make an appointment at the wedding salon together. On the same day, Joe (Ka Onn) was also taking wedding pictures with his fiance. Charmaine and Sherming laughed at Joe's trust in marriage. In the end, his fiance broke up with him because she had another lover.

Charmaine and Sherming made a lot of flirtatious gestures while posing for the pics. Charmaine says that she doesn't feel awkward because she had known Sherming for many years. What we don't know is that Charmaine and Joe filmed their scenes separately (not on the same day) and the editor will merge their scenes later.

Charmaine said she has lost the special feeling when wearing a wedding dress. "I lost count of how many wedding dress I wore for my series, I have no feelings anymore. But if one day I really got married, I'd still be happy."


Phoenix Quartet consist of four different era, the first one is during Qing Dynasty. Charmaine is getting married, but not to the person she loved. On the way, she ran down from the sedan because she's too sad.

Big red sedan: Having such a grand entourage, Charmaine's future husband must have come from a rich background, but in her heart there's only Joe. Charmaine thought of him and cried by the river (beautiful scenery).

Added! Mag scan credit to Yeah:

Brief translation:
They said it's worse being the one waiting than being late. Last week while filming new series Phoenix Quartet at Causeway Bay, Charmaine Sheh (with her new permed hairstyle) was seen window shopping. When reporters asked why is she so free (aren't you suppose to be filming?), Charmaine replied in a monotonous tone: "Because Sherming is not here yet."

When Sherming finally arrived, a crew member was heard remarking: "What? 14 (2pm) turned into 4 (4pm)!" In addition, Sherming was slowly prepping herself up, '1st sister' Charmaine was a little fed up and turned her head away.

Being late for two hours, you can call it being late a lot or a little, but mentioning this, last week Ron Ng complaint of Toby Ng's constant NG, so will Sherming be in this week's headline? That will depend on Charmaine...

Sehseh: No need to take the article above seriously because it's from a tabloid. Basically it's just said that Sherming made Charmaine wait for more than 2 hours and reporters are trying to stir rumours of bad blood. Maybe Charmaine was irritated (who wouldn't?) but she won't be mad at Sherming because they have been friends for years since her early days in TVB.


Helen said...

Have you guys noticed that in the PQ picture (throwing bridal bouquet), Charmaine's outfit is the same as what she wore at the Hunan TV game show??

sehseh said...

This is because that the cast wear their own outfits while filming modern series unless it's those corporate clothes and formal gowns which are sponsored.

Those clothes you see in Yummy Yummy, for eg, are bought by Charmaine herself :)

Funn Lim said...

I believe the article because why is it so unforseeable someone can be late and the others waiting can be so irritated? Even best friends have their limits. So if Charmaine is pissed, well it shows she's human. She can't be good natured all the time and perky the rest of the time.

Question is how can someone be TWO HOURS late?

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