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Monday, March 20, 2006

Charmaine's interview cont.

A few days ago there was an interview with Charmaine posted in Nanyang. Since the earlier part was the same as Charmaine's malt candy interview, I'll just translate the latter part of the interview. If re-posted, please give due credit.

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Career Story: Too busy and disconnected

Among TVB lead actresses, Charmaine has filmed the most series. Last year, she filmed "Dance of Passion", "Always Ready", "Yummy Yummy" and "LWOLAP" which has just finished airing. Recently she is busy filming "Phoenix Quartet" and up till now, she has filmed a record of 150 episodes (since last year) and she will have another 70 episodes ahead of her.

Charmaine has been filming night and day, with the average of less than 4 hours of sleep time daily. Of course the thin Charmaine suffered from this but compared to many other 'strong men' who couldn't bear this kind of hardship, she is like a steel woman.

Charmaine says: "Actually, it's willpower that kept me going. I love acting and because filming takes up a lot of time, sacrifices has to be made. However, there are also harvest. My sacrifices is that compared to a regular person of my age, I have little contact with the society, there's no time to read magazine, surfing internet, I felt little 'disconnected'. As for family, it couldn't be considered as sacrifice because my mother does not live in HK. I've used to live alone since my studying days. My love life was also inferior, nothing special. I've missed a lot of opportunities because I have no time to date.

However, I also reaped harvest from my sacrifices. The 'harvest' in entertainment business are the feeling of satisfaction, successfulness, fame and fortune. The harvest you reap are of equals of what you sacrificed, everything was of sweat and blood (hard work). In the future, if I retire from entertainment business, the reason will be very simple: Because I don't want to suffer anymore, and not because I've lost interest in acting."

Hoping to get married and have children.

"If I can choose, I think I will prefer being a good wife and mother. I'm not exactly wishig for a perfect family, but every woman has such dreams. Getting married and having children are a necessary stage in life."

Actually, Charmaine can be considered as fortunate. She has worked with countless TVB lead actors and among them, three remained in Charmaine's heart because they helped her to reach a new level in acting.

"When filming 'Seven Sisters' with Gallen Lo, there was one scene where there was a long and emotional dialogue. At first I couldn't grasp it, but he used his own method to teach me, and I finally understand how to act.

A few years ago, I filmed 'A Herbalist Affair' with Roger Kwok. Not only he's able to immense into his role deeply, he knows how to lead you into the role as well. As for Chilam, he is a great partner, we have a lot of chemistry together. Three of them shared a common trait; they're all good men who are very faithful."

Sehseh: I'm not surprised that Charmaine mentioned Gallen because he had always been a mentor/friend to Charmaine and like Liza who openly praised Myolie during her award acceptance speech, Gallen also repeated praised Charmaine. He think highly of Charmaine's potential and he even rooted for her to win Fav Actress (which she lost to Liza Wang). I was hoping that she will give Gordon a mention because they were once close like real siblings. Okay, can't really hope much since this is just a brief interview, not an autobiography!

Her chemistry with Roger was good in HA therefore I do look forward to "Pearl of Orient" which will start filming later this month. Most of you already know that Liza will be in this series as well and I hope Charmaine will learn many precious experience from her. At first, I was a bit worried for Charmaine because her recent series ratings was low in HK. However, seeing TVB decision of casting her in the same series with last year fav actor and actress, I'm assured that Charmaine will still have a long and bright career ahead. Don't forget, DOP will be released this year and I think she'll have a shot at Fav Actress, if the right cards are in place. ~Prays hard~


Funn Lim said...

Sehseh I am surprised you were worried abt the plunging ratings may affect her career because frankly TVB wouldn't care if 10 of her series bombed as long as they want to promote her. She is immensely popular and I see no reasons for your worries.

As for her learning from Liza Wong, truth be told Liza is a veteran no doubt BUT not that great an actress. What Charmaine can learn from her is punctuality (which Liza is very famous for), learning ones character from studying the script and researching the role (which Charmaine clearly needs to learn) and I would say consistency. Liza is not a great actress but her interpretation is consistent and this is what Charmaine lacked. I wish her good luck since Liza used to be very critical of her co-stars but nowadays she mellowed a bit. With Roger there I am sure she will find good company to guide her and lead her to improved performance.

And abt her skinny frame and no time for everything, seriously perhaps she should lessen her work load? Not so much abt passion for her work, how much passion can she get from being dead tired? If money is the reason perhaps she should ease up a bit. Lack of sleep can kill concentration and lack of time between two series would kill her understanding of her character. What she needs is one good role, more time and the capacity to learn the character and truly portray it instead of acting for acting's sake. She is not a naturally good actress and after so many years in the business major flaws can still be seen in her performances so she must make an extra effort to not just learn her lines but perhaps learn her character as well? I have always complained she is never consistent in one single series and I hope to see improvement in consistency dept.

Liza can be a good example if Charm truly observes her and learn from her. And please she must stop being in awe of Liza is she isn't already because being in awe clouds judgment.

Range said...

It's not surprising that sehseh was worried about the ratings, because generally all Charmaine fans were worrying. Including me. And so far I am not too sure about TVB's confidence in her but recently it seems like TVB is trying to push her towards the Best Actress Award :).

I totally agree with you that Liza is not that great an actress! I also agree that Charmaine will be able to learn to be more consistent through Roger (who I think is absolutely great acting-wise) and maybe Liza. I've always loved her and most of the time I find myself viewing her as her character for a period of time but her one flaw is inconsistency, as Funn have pointed out numerous times.

And yes, I think I am representing MANY FANS to say that she should rest for awhile. She gained some healthy weight during the visit to Hawaii but lost it all again...

I think if I'm her, I would be quite as hardworking as her too because her golden years are limited. Now is HER ERA. Charmaine Sheh is considered one of the top artists of TVB and I think it is perfectly reasonable if she wants to use her 'golden years' to her advantage before it's too late.

That's my opinion :).

And I'm not surprised about the three men she picked, but I was kinda hoping she would mention RAYMOND :P.

bao said...

i think i remember in a past article she mentioned Gordon instead of Roger.. anyways, i wish i took more notice of Charmaine and TVB in general back then so that i could've read what Gallen had to say..

Helen said...

I also think Liza is not a great actress, but I like her very much. I like her attitude towards her career. She is punctual, always do her homework, always excel for excellence. I am sure Charm will learn something from her. Yes, sometimes she is quite harsh on her co-stars and I hope Charm will be Liza's new favourite.
I also truly think Gallen has helped Charmaine a great deal. I think Seven Sisters is a major turning point for Charm. It was since this series that I changed my impression of Charm. She was so natural in it! Not even ROTC - she is cute and the JC chemistry is tremendous, but she is still quite green.
I could never understand TVB. They can like or dislike some artiste for no obvious reasons. I am also a little concerned about her lower ratings recently, but heck, she co-stared with the major actors such as Raymond, Bowie and Kevin. So, I think she is quite safe.

I think it is not that she doesn't want to rest, it is TVB who just keep giving her WORK. Being such an obedient "daughter", she will take all the jobs, naturally. To the general audience, she is still on the verge of the class of elite fa dans (dong ga fa dan), but I think she is working her way there, and is very close. I do think it is her turn for best actress award.

sehseh said...

Haha... I never said Liza's a great actress (in act dept) but she does has a lot of valuable experience. Range is right, now is the golden time for Charmaine, if I'm in her place I'll work like crazy too. It's not up to her to have much say in her resting/holiday because she's still not at Jessica & Kenix level where they can afford to reject any scripts they wanted.

And please she must stop being in awe of Liza is she isn't already because being in awe clouds judgment.
Since when she's in awe? Myolie, maybe but never seen Charmaine done that. The only comment Charmaine made on Liza was more to respect (like any other TVB artist), and not sucking up to her like you-know-who. I might shot myself later in the mouth but hey, so far none of that - YET.

I hope Charm will be Liza's new favourite.
I'd be happy if Liza took a liking to Charmaine but not like a pet student. Haha.. do you know that Liza like to play matchmaking for her single co-stars? Let's hope she can introduce a nice guy for Charmaine :P

she co-stared with the major actors such as Raymond, Bowie and Kevin. So, I think she is quite safe.
Major, maybe but not 'The' top siusang group. You forget big names like Gallen, Sunny, Gordon, Bobby, Roger & Wong Hei, etc. Pity that she never get to work with Kong Wah.

It's not easy to clinch Fav Actress award. Everything, I mean everything has to be in right timing; be it ratings, popularity and also political influence in background.

Helen said...

Oh, Liza doens't need to look too far, she only needs to fix Charm up with Ray lah. I love Charray!

I didn't forget her other co-stars. I only quoted the co-stars of the low rating series such as LWOLAP, Always Ready and YY :)

Anyways, TVB is quite hard to predict. So we will see how things go lah.

Range said...

Yes, like sehseh said, she's not in the positions of Kenix and Jessica to be able to reject scripts. And like Helen said, JUST PUSH HER TO RAYMOND!!!!!!!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!

I would definitely beam if Liza takes a liking to Charmaine but I don't like it if Liza keeps her under her wing like she does Myolie. Because basically it makes it seem like *cough* is sucking up to her and Liza is just treating her like a favourite or something.

The response that I would want is words of RESPECT from Liza. I believe she is there enough to get that.

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