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Friday, March 17, 2006

Beautiful Charmaine: A-Fontane Advertisement

Thanks to 伊加伊加伊, who informed fellow fans at that Charmaine's new A-Fontane advertisement was featured in a bridal mag. Since the version he/she posted are photos of the mag taken with digital camera, I've decided to pay A-Fontane website a visit and to my pleasant surprise, there's a clearer version of the pic.

Mag scans credit to 伊加伊加伊:

Official website version:

Other posters:

Charmaine looks so pretty in that Swan Lake theme poster! There's actually a write up during the photography session, take a look at here if you're interested.

Credits to Qingwa for re-sending me Charmaine's A-Fontane advertisement clip:


*Updated* There's plenty of Charmaine pics related to her endorsement of A-Fontane products, here's some mainly from


Helen said...

ACtually I like the pictures from your previous post about the photo shoot much better. She looks more lively and natural. These posters pictures make Charm looks so stiff, like a statue or something like that. Same as the TVB calendars, they always make the artistes look so stiff and un-natural. Used too much computer to fix the photos maybe?

alicechen said...

SEHSEH!! are u sure this is ur first time? The mv was great! Its like a ride through the series. The music ( well i dont understand chinese and didnt read the translation yet) So i think the music flows well with the scenes, not too fast or slow just by listening. Excellent! I WANT TUTORIAL!! :P

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