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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

TVB, please give us a 'Ray' of hope!

I know many people who watched LWOLAP are very concerned about the ending of LWOLAP, including me the anxious one who is rooting for Raymond not to die.

However, death is just to imminent for the tragic Fung Hang Lit. It may be the best solution for his character.

Simon, if you are reading this and you really watched the ending, please email me the spoilers, don't just leave us hanging mid-sentence! Now I'll be won't be able to sleep tonight due to anxiety! Give me spoilers!

Since we haven't watch the scenes below appear, I'll be crossing my fingers and hope for the best... TVB, give us more time before crushing our dream!

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2nd & 3rd credit to
Fung's Label.

Here are some TVB magscan for LWOLAP episode 25-29, courtesy of Fung's Label.
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