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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Love That Has No Regret?

Warning: Major Spoilers for LWOLAP episode 37-38!

LWOLAP has finally neared it's ending. Yes, after more than one year of waiting, LWOLAP will conclude at episode 40, this Saturday. Last night I watched episode 37-38, and I understand why it end the way it does. My doubts and questions of FHL & CMY were answered last night.

Recap of episode 37-38:
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From now on, the Ming emperor shall kneel in front of me; Supreme Ruler.

Emperor Chu died in the arms of Lord Yin, after being poisoned by Wen Mun. This is what we called karma. Fearing the mongolian descendant, he killed all the innocent mongolian children - and he himself end up being killed off by his own grandson. Ironic, huh? Wen Mun finally succeeded the throne but he is just a puppet in FHL's control. The scene where he was forced to kneel in front of FHL was nicely done.

Memorable lines: "Chu Wen Mun, it was me who help to get this kingdom. What I gave you, I can take them back anytime. Kneel down!"

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Victory is in FHL's hand.

Fearing that Lord Yin will rebel against the newly installed Wen Mun, FHL pursues after Lord Yin. Long Fan Wan was there to protect him, and they have a vicious battle. Very, very dangerous stunts and both actors really look like their going after each other's throat. I admire David and Ray because not only they have to be wired up, they have to execute the strokes of those heavy weapons very precisely and swiftly. I think they must have took at least a week to film this scene.

Long Fan Wan was defeated by FHL twice but was spared because he once saved FHL twenty years ago. However, Li Chek Mei tried to ambush Lord Yin, LFW shielded him and was fatally wounded.

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How could you kill your saviour?!

Hon Pak, Chun Mung Yiu and Fan Leong Gik arrived to see LFW mortally wounded. Remorseful, FHL withdrew his army and retreated. Before he left, CMY stopped him, asking him why is he so heartless to kill LFW, who saved him before?

Memorable scene: The flash of pain and dismay shown in FHL eyes when CMY stared accusingly at him.

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Death of a hero.

LFW passed the Cloud Ruling Sabre to Hon Pak. My heart ached when Hon Pak shed tears watching his sifu died before him. To him it was like watching his father death scene again. CMY was also saddened by LFW death and both of them (CMY & HP) just cried, cried, cried!

That moment, I think Bosco did a great job expressing HP's sadness, looking so disbelief and helpless.

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Brothers turned into foes.

FHL want Lord Yin to gave up his military force but the latter refused. Therefore, war is imminent. Hon Pak quitted his post and took FHL's army to join Lord Yin's rebellion army.

FHL: You have changed.
HP: I did not change. You are the one who has changed.

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I never blame you for killing me. I know you're not a heartless demon.

Given time to cool down and think straight, CMY tried to understand FHL point of view. Ye Yuet hated FHL because he caused the death of her father and LFW. Understandbly, YY was annoyingly bias and spiteful but she has the right to be upset. She was hurt, the people she loved was hurt.

CMY asked FHL out because she believes that he is not a heartless demon. She tried to persuade him to give up but FHL was adamant with his decision.

CMY: Two nation one country was just an utopian ideology. It will never work!

FHL: I believe in it. Even if it means spilling blood. Didn't you also kill me because of your beliefs? Even if it hurt you more that death itself, didn't you kill the person you love most?

CMY: ... ...

FHL: That is why I never blame you for killing me. You are doing the right thing because of your beliefs. So am I.

CMY was speechless, maybe she realized he love her more than she imagined, maybe she finally understand that FHL has never forced her to believe in his cause.

CMY: If that is so, we have nothing more to say. The next time we meet, we will be enemies. Take care.

FHL: Wait. Since we have no future together, can we make this day the day which only belongs to us? Where we can just let go of our differences and be ourself?

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If you wish to give up now, I'm willing to leave with you anytime.

FHL and CMY spend the last day as lovers peacefully. They watched the sunset, release lanterns at the lake, observe the stars and watched sunrise.

CMY: If you wish to give up now, I'm willing to leave with you anytime.

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FHL: Meeting you is the luckiest thing in my life.

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FHL: Now, we shall have no more regrets between us.

On their way down the hill, they came across a sea of purple flowers. A lady gave CMY a pouch of flower seeds. Using the seeds as an example, CMY asked FHL whether they have a future together.

FHL: I don't want to give you false hope. I can only place my own desire in last priority.

The part when FHL said that was so sad! CMY understand that his people are his first priority and they can only look at each other with regret. When FHL walked away, you'll know; "This can't be the end, they still have regrets between them!"

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I will never let go of this kingdom!

Wen Mun was anxious with Lord Yin growing army and was driving FHL nuts. I bet FHL would love to strangle him dead with his bare hands. FHL decided to substitute the soldiers with his own mongolian tribesmen.

On the other side, Hon Pak was dealt another blow when Cloud Ruling Sabre started to lose its lustre.

The end of episode 38.

Recently there's a lot of comments arguing on FHL vs Han People (a.k.a. Lord Yin, Hon Pak, Chun Mung Yiu and gang). Many people sympathize FHL; they understand his sufferings, but there are also many who can't see the other characters' pain.

What about Chun Mung Yiu? The death of her master and Gum Bing Wan? Being betrayed by the man she love most?
What about Hon Pak & Ye Yuet? The tragic death of their father? The death of Long Fan Wan?
What about Lord Yin? The death of the emperor (despite him being a tyrant)?

Maybe they act holier than thou (all those self-righteous speech), but still...

Doesn't their pain matter? When they are grieving over the tragic death of their loved ones, who is there to understand their feelings? Their grievance; their hatred?

Are they insignificant, compared to FHL's? Because there is someone to support and console them, it will vanish into thin air then? All is forgiven and forgotten?

Don't get me wrong, I do symphathize with FHL, I understand he has no choice. However, I start thinking about being in those 'self-righteous' Han people shoes too. Many people just look at their emotions superficially.

My heart is painful for CMY when she stabbed FHL. When she told him that she'll never forgive him. My tears rolled when Hon Pak look helplessly at his father's corpse, again when Long Fan Wan died. My eyes are red when Ye Yuet was sewing the funeral clothes for General Hui, when Lord Yin sobbingly held Emperor Chu's dead body in his arms.

It kind of disturb me when some people said GBW was better than CMY because of her sacrifices for love. I pity GBW, but I don't admire her 'sacrifices'. To me, she is just another woman blindly in love. I don't care how many times she said she believe in the cause of Pong Ban. To me, that is not her ultimate reason to stay by him.


alice said...

Hmmmmm a nice in-depths analysis seh seh...BRAVO!! wow....alot happened in those 2 espisodes huh??..and i must say, Bosco and raymond are both actors that can CRY!! was soo romantic for FHL and CMY to spend one day together as lovers...sigh......

Lari said...

I just discovered this website today. Wow!!! All the info you have about LWOLAP is so amazing that I can't even describe it in words. I love your site! Keep up the good work.

sehseh said...

Lari, welcome to my blog. Feel free to come back anytime you want :)

Alice, Raymond & Bosco can cry but Bosco is still behind. What I mean is, given time, Bosco will improve because he does have a lot of potential.

I'm thinking of doing an analysis of TVB young siu sang like Raymond, Ron, Bosco, Sammul and Kenneth but I don't have much bg info of the latter 3. Can someone help me with this?

By the rate Bosco is going, I'm convinced he can be the next TVB popular siusang along wit Raymond. They both are full of potential.

Anonymous said...

WOWzers... thanks SOOO SOOO MUCH for the summary of episodes 37 and 38. THis is such a classic tale of star-crossed lovers!!! T_T I'm SO glad the ending is like how most star-crossed lover tales end. *wink wink*

Anyways, best of luck to you Sehseh with the whole avian flu H5N1 thing going on.


Anonymous said...

nice summaries of the episodes :)

btw, here are links to nice articles on Bosco and Kenneth, which told a little bit about their step by step rise to stardom



Helen said...

All I can say is I love FHL. He is truly a noble man. If I were CMY, I would never regret loving him, despite all the heartbreaks and turmoils. He is someone worth sacrificing and waiting for.

GeLiGuoLu said...

Totally agree with your view regarding FHL v. Hans. I think CMY was right to criticize his methods to achieve utopia. At last, he gave it up -- though too many lives have been lost.

PS: Always ready to help out if you need any Bosco info.

Range said...

I love that part where CMY accused FHL! I think FHL must be feeling like crying when she accused him and hastily turned his back and went away because he looks like a small kid ready to cry :P.

sehseh said...

GeLiGuoLu, yes, I would appreciate more info on Bosco...

Kidd said...

Good analysis sehseh. I do agree with most of the things u say (except for GBW's part). I feel sad watching all those scenes u mention too (LFW, Emperor, General Hui's death) and I can see the point of view of Duke Yin. I can also appreaciate Duke Yin's and LFW's truly unbias way in treating people. I was annoyed with what Ye Yuet said to Mong Yiu about FHL, but I can understand her feelings, so I don't blame her.

I think the reason why it is harder for viewers to symphatise with the righteous group compared to the mongolians is because of the righteous group's holier-than-thou attitude, lways saying we are righteous and u are evil/heretic (che) when both sides are practically doing the same thing i.e. defending/fighting their own race/people best interest.

sehseh said...

Yeah, the fight between 'good' and 'evil' is always reflected in every wuxia.

I like HSDS, how JY showed that the good sect can be hypocrite when pointing fingers at the Ming Cult.

However, I dislike LOCH, because I'm totally a Yeung Hong's fan!

Kidd said...

"However, I dislike LOCH, because I'm totally a Yeung Hong's fan!"

Why leh? Yeung Hong is so money-minded and power-hungry. He just stayed with his foster father because of the riches and power.

LOCH82 actually made YH look better than the book YH. I like LOCH YH for shallow reason, because Micheal Miu as Yeung Hong is so very attractive. ;)

sehseh said...

That man raised Yeung Hong. How can he abandon him? Yes, YH may be greedy of riches and power, but he did love the king like his real father. (I'm using mainland version as example as JY himself favored it and said it was most accurate).

Of course another plus point is that he is handsome and charismatic. I have a pencant for charismatic character :)

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