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Monday, February 06, 2006

Charmaine in Doggie Year

佘 詩 曼 黐 實 阿 媽 過 肥 年

Image from Apple Daily

Charmaine Sheh's mother has been living in Hawaii for many years. Late 2005, her mother came back to HK to visit her. Charmaine said that it was their first time spending New Year together after 10 years.

Soup with love
Earlier, Charmaine won $500,000 at Macau race horseracing and she gave half of the prize money to her mum. Afterward, she turned down a job (opening ceremony during CNY, with fees of $100,000). Charmaine replied yesterday via phone: "I decided to accompany my mum, we went everywhere together."

However, due to the busy filming schedule, Charmaine's weight dropped so her mother tried to 'fatten up' her. She said "That was her real motive to return to HK. Actually, it's hard for me to get fat, but with more soups, I'll look healthier." Charmaine also added: "Mum is starting to get old now, she should be enjoying a happy family life, therefore my wish in Year of Dog are to have a good heatlh and more opportunity to be with my family."

迎春接福 笑狗常開

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Charmaine: "I hope everyone have a Lucky Star! A woman can be beautiful at different stages, so I will be happy if everyone wished me to be beautiful all my life, ha ha! Everyone have different method to increase their luck, mine is to wear bright colored clothes, because you'll feel energized. Plus, I recently received a gift of handphone strap from fans, they said that it'll bring luck so I'll always have it with me!"


Range said...

Thanks so much for your translation! It's so gawd cute of Charmaine to use her fan's gifts! I hope she and her mother will have a happy dog year. Afterall, the dog year is the year to be loyal!

alice said...

Man it has been so long since i visited here due to the virus on my comp. Well, thanks seh seh for the translation. and awwwww its so sweet of charmaine to gave up the money to go with her mother...**so sweet**...However, seh seh i have one tiny little question. Recently, i went to Asianfanatics to check out spoilers about LWOLAP right??..then i read the part where it said LWOLAP's rating is very sooo sad.....even if its a bad serie i am willing to watch it. But i doubt that its a bad serie cause charmaine is in it!! and raymond and bosco. But i have this werid thinking. Since yummy yummy ddnt receive any high rating and now LWOLAP isnt doing good either. Is it possible that Charmaine is not popular enough in HK. Also, like the day of the promotion, Raymond and Bosco have the most fans but not charmaine. And because of all this, is charmaine aint that like in HK??...Im mad...!! *_*

sehseh said...

LWOLAP ratings is low is due to HK people taste. They prefer comedy/family drama.

I disagree that Charmaine's popularity is declining in HK. It's just that Bosco and Ray generally has a larger fans base there. Generally, actors has a larger fanbase (think screaming adolescent teen) than actresses.

alice said...

hmmmm WHY WHY WHY?? the serie is good as an ancient type. Well, its good to kno that Charmaine's popularity aint going down and stuff. But I do hope that Charmaine film some comedy type of role. Im getting a little tired of seeing her mature and sterm looks.

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