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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Back with a vengeance - Avian Flu H5N1

I'm sure many of you Malaysians out there has read the papers this morning. It's confirmed that the 40 dead chickens at Jalan Genting-Klang yesterday was caused by the avian flu H5N1.

I'm particularly concerned because Jalan Genting Klang is very near where I stayed. Maybe I'm being over paranoid, but if I see any dead chicken/birds in my path, I'd run like hell.

More updates:
Bird flu in Gombak
Health Ministry on bird flu sweep in Genting Klang

What is Bird Flu/H5N1?


alice said...

awwie dont worry Seh seh, hope everything will be ok. those chickens flu are a pain in the neck!! and like u say, RUN!!

jas said...

that's not paranoid, it's better to be safe than sorry... right ;)

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