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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Update from home (Part 2)

Happy Lunar New Year!!!

(Hehe, can't believe I'm updating on CNY eve... oops should be LNY.... must be politically correct.)

Remember that I once mentioned that I'm everywhere? Well, it was technically proven yesterday that I can remove a post without even being online! Muahaha... No lah, it happens that my dear friend Amanda was checking out my site and sms-ed me about yesterday's comment, so I asked her to delete for me :P

Anyway, yesterday warning was most probably a fraud mesg but if someday you find this site closed down, then most probebly it's real. (Touch wood!) I have to stress that IF I have infringed any copyrighted materials, the owner can inform me and I'll gladly take it off with notes of official apology.

I'm thinking of buying my own domain but I don't know how to start from a scratch again. Any tips and advice?

Here's some long awaited updates of Charmaine. There should be more, but the stupid computer at this cyber cafe can't recognize chinese fonts therefore I'll have to wait until I get back to KL next week.

Charmaine & Joe's 70s look
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Lol... the pic remind me of my parent's younger days... Image from

Yesterday, "Phoenix Quartet" was filming an outdoor scene at Central’s Empress Pier. Both Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma were styled in a 70s look, causing quite a few passers-by to stop and take a second look. There were also a few requests for photos with the stars. One of the passers-by was also heard commenting to Charmaine "You're so skinny!"

PQ is made up of 4 mini-stories, and Joe has been more than a little confused by the changes in roles. He said, "It's so confusing. I sometimes call Charmaine by the wrong name."

In this story that they were filming yesterday, Joe is a Charmaine's chauvinistic husband who has been fired from his job. He keeps his unemployment from his wife, and continues to wear his suit to ‘work’, except that he spends his time playing chess with the elderly. He is finally found out by his wife when she bumps into him while shopping one day.

Charmaine's currently airing LWOLAP has been shifted to the 10pm slot and when asked why, she said that that was the company’s decision.

More pics from Mingpao & Takungpao:

I believe that many LWOLAP fans were displeased with TVB decision to push back LWOLAP airing slot. This goes to prove that HK audiences does have a different taste. I like LWOLAP a lot (this goes to explain that I purposely opened an account at my hometown rental store just to get my hands on week's episode) and it's not because due to Charmaine & Ray but because I really think that this is a quality wuxia series produced by TVB. In TVB standard, this is already beyond good with it's intriguing plot and beautiful scenery.

So far, I'm up to episode 20 and I'm predicting that I'll get my hands on episode 21-24 today (last Thursday they released 4 episodes, so I guess they'll do the same for today). Very anxious now, especially for my dear Fung Hang Lit and Chun Mung Yiu. I welcome any spoilers so feel free to inform me!

Where can I get that 7 colored gemstones FHL gave CMY? Very beautiful. Men, whenever they did something wrong they'll give guilt gifts. The more expensive they are, beware... LOL.

Anyway, I'm expecting to see more of FHL 'evil' side. Don't ask me why, but I keep imagining 'what if' Louis Koo in this character. Not that Ray is bad, in fact he's excellent but I sometime imagine the possibilities with Louis. Speaking of Ray, he did gain a significant weight in here. I think he gained even more in Face to Fate and then lose the pounds for Le Femme Desperado.

Back to LWOLAP, there is three scenes which piqued my interest. Please assume that there is always spoilers in my post.

1. Gum Bing Wan saying that the evil people are in fact the so-called good sects. I agree with her words, but her acting... let's just say that it feel like drinking the diet version of coke. Why, why can't you improve?! I like Sonija therefore I'm hoping for her to improve but she always disappoint! Should I watch Warlords then?

Back to the topic. It's saddens me that the good sect does not even show a little remorse or even shame (yes, they should) but continues to degrade GBW for falling in love with Pong Ban. When her sifu ask CMY not to follow GBW footsteps, I thought of slapping her sifu.

2. Fung Hang Lit was unhappy with Hon Pak sudden fame. Was it jealousy or just displeasure that Hon Pak has somewhat ruined his plans? My theory is that FHL original plan was to have himself 'kill' Pong Ban and then got promoted to general rank so that he could get closer to the emperor. However, Hon Pak accidentally hit Pong Ban by a stroke of luck and he got promoted instead.

3. Bing Wan asking FHL since CMY was willing to give up the leadership of the sect to be with him, is he willing to give up restoring Yuan dynasty?

We never get to see FHL's answer but we knew the answer is 'No'. Don't get me wrong, of course he love CMY but the new FHL can never forsake his own people, as in CMY who will never forsake her sifu and Ming Dynasty for him. But I have no doubt that they are willing to die for each other. Poor lovebirds...

Oops, time to go now. Need to pay a last minute visit to my hairstylist (yes, got a new hairstyle - trimmed off my long locks and got a funky perm liao!)

For those celebrating Lunar New Year, enjoy your feast tonight!!!


shehster said...

Happy New Year sehseh!

cindy said...

hey seh seh, awesome blog uve got here, great to come here and get an opinion on how the series is going rather than the usual- "I love Ray but he looks like he's gained weight recently", or "omg the series is so sad!!!!!" on the forum.

I wasn't too keen on the series when i started watching it, Charmaine and Sonjia paired with Ray seemed like a nightmare and the earlier episodes felt like some awful awful sappy daytime soap drama- but i'm warming to the Raymaine story line, slowwwllly.

Ray as the heir to the mongolian throne in the dark plotting the demise of the Ming (is it ming?) dynasty and betraying the trust of all his loved ones- gaaah, it's dripping with angst. How delicious.

What i love abt the series the most is the fact that there isnt an evil and a good side blatantly obvious, the mongolians are the mistreatedand oppressed minority in China. FHL HAS to accept his responsibility or he'd be a coward and he would've forsaken all those who'd dies to protect him.

The Chinese emperor can be cruel and ungrateful and a tyrant to even his most loyal subjects, but like Hon Pak says in episode 22, he's just a very lonely elderly man.

BTW, I've just watched up to ep. 24, and Charmaine's si fu almost found out where Pong Ban and Gum Big Wan were hiding out so FHL had no choice but to hold her as prisoner. Interesting stuff.


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