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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Update from home (Part 1)


Yesterday I was too pre-occupied warching LWOLAP 15-16, therefore I didn't go online.

Speaking of LWOLAP, here's some TVB mag scans featuring LWOLAP, courtesy of Fung's Label:

*Updated 28/1/06 Saturday* Translations for the article above is now available at Please give Jayne proper credit if re-posted.

The cast of LWOLAP hopes the ratings will continue to rise.

Yesterday Sonjia Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, Bosco Wong, and others were at apm for a promotional function for Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion. Recently Sonjia has been focusing in filming mainland, but doesn't think hat her popularity has dropped. She said, "It might only look like that on the outside. I've recently received advertisement invitations and work continues to pile." Bosco expressed that with as Chinese New Year is coming, he will be able to rest and sleep. He said, "On the first day, I will stay home and sleep. Second day, I would probably have a bbq with friends and old classmates for a get-together." Charmaine has tried buying peach blossoms before and felt that her luck increased. Despite the blossoms' luck to artists, she will only be buying regular flowers home this time.

News credit to

Another major update is some mag scans of new series "Phoenix Quartet", credit to

Two more here (Charmaine looks sweet in them):

Note: All translations will only be available after 4th February 2006.

I have to go now. Look forward for my next updates in Friday, most probably. Tomorrow I'll get my hands on LWOLAP episode 17-18. Yay!

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