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Friday, January 20, 2006

Phoenix Quartet Praying Ceremony

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Yesterday new series 《鳳凰四重奏》 had their lighting incense ceremony with Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma, and others attending. Other than the usual roast pig this time, they also added abalone (bao yue) to match the plot of the series. The abalones were also the center of attention to everyone.

Charmaine expressed that she is busy with filming everyday and only receives 2 hours of sleep each night. She said that she has a 3 day New Years vacation coming up, but a customer has invited her with a 6 figure amount to mount the stage during New Years. Now she jokes that she has to decide whether to choose rest or money, she says, "I would most likely choose to rest because I haven't spent New Years with my mom for 10 years already. She will be returning to Hong Kong so I really hope to spend the days with her."

More pics:

Charmaine stole the limelight with her sexy waist
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Caption: Showing off her tiny waist

Sehseh's translation: Yesterday TVB arranged to have their contracted actresses to shoot Chinese New Year picture, which includes "Yat Jie" Jessica Hsuan, Charmaine Sheh, Myoile Wu, Bernice Liu, Vivien Yang, Angela Tong and Tavia Yeung. Eventhough everyone wears a colorful Chinese top, but Charmaine Sheh stole the limelight by wearing a small vest under the top, showing off her tiny waist to become the most sexy one.

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In addition, Charmaine and Myolie wrote their own cute version of Chinese New Year poster. For Charmaine, her message was 「豬籠入水」, therefore she drew a piggy head on it. So cute!

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Qingwa said...

Wa Ha Ha!! so glad Charmaine decided to rest, family and health are the most important.

I want to see Phoenix Quartet but boubt that it's a drama or comedy. :P

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