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Friday, January 06, 2006


Note: You may re-post and re-upload using your own server/bandwitdh. No direct linking allowed because of limited bandwitdh. If re-posted, please give due credits.

Download: LWOLAP themesong *full version

Credits to Raymond Forest.

I will be translating the interview later. If you wish to translate the interview, please go to Fung's Label forum or Ray and Charmaine are funny in here, seems like the cast have a great time and they enjoy poking jokes at one another.

In addition I have uploaded episode 1 screencaps at LWOLAP screencaps album.


Anonymous said...

can you please check the link to the song, it doesn't seem to work. Thanks and great site btw..Charmaine rocks! =)

sehseh said...

hjOh, the file expired a long time already. I'll update the link this weekend :)

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