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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

LWOLAP supporting characters

I have uploaded episode 5-6 to LWOLAP screencaps album.

I'm currently making screencaps for episode 7-8, but darn my pc keep hanging. Plus, I'm having problem with my vcd burner. My pc is falling apart... Funds and donations, anyone? *sobs*

As some of you might know, I often hang out at forum for tvb series discussion. For those who are interested in discussion of LWOLAP or any other series, please come and join us.

Have anyone noticed that apart from Raymond; Derek Kwok and Jimmy Au has also starred thrice in HuangYi's adaptation? Both of them also came from martial arts background. Apparently in their early years, they were popular but then slowly faded into the background.

Last night I was reading TVB magazine and I came across a page where they mentioned that Derek has joined TVB for more than 20 years. Wow! That sparked my interest and I began searching for his biography. Coincidentally, spcnet did discussed about his history. I vaguely remember that Em has previously dedicated special pages for Derek and Jimmy - luckily it's still there.

Derek Kok
Jimmy Au

I've also found a very updated biography on Derek here. It's in chinese though.

I'm currently looking for information on Kwok Fung and Gordon Liu. If you have or know where I can get info on them, please contact me at

By the way (sorry, I almost forgot), GeLiGuoLu has translated the summary of the original novel in her site. Please give her due credit if you wish to re-post her works.

LWOLAP original novel summary translation here.

p.s. It's not finished translated yet, please do be patient for updates as it takes a lot of effort to do so.


shehster said...

think it's high time u format ur pc and do some clean up...

my pc's having the same problem.. crashing every now and then.. time to format! gonna lose everything!

sehseh said...

I know. But I have too much files that I'm not willing to lose! I alrady have two drives but it's not enough for me to transfer everything from one to the other one!

I thought of upgrading, but it's not worth it because buying a new one is a better choice.

But then again... money, money, money :(

shehster said...

Saw the screen caps! Charmaine's cute dressing up as a man! but one look and u know he's a girl! hahaha her big eyes gave her away! haha

Can't wait to watch it!

Thanks Sehseh!

shehster said...

you have a burner? burn all the things u want into CD roms, so you wun lose anything.

If not, i think you can upload the files you wanna keep in yahoo briefcase.

btw the way, ur email account is

sehseh said...

Yeah, that's my email.

I just saw your msn request. Will add when I have the mood to open msn because I rarely uses them nowadays. Mostly I'll just reply directly via email since I'm online when working.

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