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Thursday, January 12, 2006



"What is love? This world is filled with fools in love."
- Pong Ban (Derek Kwok)

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One of my favourite scene so far. Screencaps credit to crunchster.

Sorry, people... I'm 'on leave' again tomorrow. As I need to send my folks to airport on Saturday as well, I'm not sure whether I have enough energy to update that night. But rest assured that I am going to re-upload the clips as previously promised.

Actually, the quote if from episode 3 and it sort of stuck in my mind before I finally posted it here. The first verse was popular because it's practically over-used after 'Return of Condor Heroes'. - 『問世間情是何物 直教生死相許』.

I don't quite agree with the quote BUT I admit people do a lot of foolish thing when they're in love. Anyway, the quote by Pong Ban can be use on three people, which are Bing Wan, Hang Lit and Mung Yiu.

If you ask me who is the most 情癡, I will say it's Bing Wan. Huh, not FHL meh? He's crazy for her woh? If FHL is crazy, then GBW's love for Pong Ban is beyond insane. However, we are not to judge whether their sacrifice is worthy because love is not fair.

Apart from the scene above, the other one that made an impact was when GBW confessed her love to Pong Ban. Sonija's acting is weak in that scene but Derek is great. GBW was crying out her feelings while he just sat there playing his qin. Though he didn't say much, the music played on the qin expressed his inner turmoil. By the way, is that really Derek playing the qin?

As for Charmaine (CMY), I have yet to see her development with FHL but I'm definitely sure she had a crush on him from day one. I mean, who can blame her? Living in that half-nunnery all her life and after that kiss, let alone no man ever touch her hands, I bet.

One thing I notice is that the female characters start to lose their zest after falling deep in love. This always happen in wuxia story, no matter how intelligent/powerful they are, their lives always revolve within the male hero. One exception is Liang Yu Sheng's novel, because in his stories, women are heroes while men are wimps. Let's hope my prediction is wrong...

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Helen said...

I thought most girls would prefer to have a 情癡 boyfriend. Someone who would do anything for you, only have eyes for you, always there for you and put you in the first place etc. AND will always forgive you no matter what you have done wrong. They are so hard to find nowadays as most people now are so selfish.

I suppose everyone has the potential to be a 情癡, if and only if one has found the "right" partner that will trigger the chemical reaction. You just cannot explain why you would sacrifice so much for someone despite you know the other person will never appreciate.

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