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Monday, January 09, 2006

LWOLAP: Flute Instrumental

Extracted the flute instrumental from episode 4, after the 'kiss'. You will hear the the loud slap early in the clip (Poor Ray! But Fung Hang Lit deserved it :P).

Please "Right Click and Choose Save As" to your hard drive. No hotlinking or repost of link allowed.

Anyway, Charmaine look gorgeous in both episode 3-4, especially the latter. I like those scenes where she just sit/stand quietly behind Ray. You can be sure that I'll be making banner/artworks from those scenes :)

In addition, please note that I have added screencaps of 1-2 to Yahoo! photo album. Just scroll down to the previous two post for the url address. Each episode have approximately 150++ captures. Do not repost without prior permission.

My folks are visiting me today (that is why I'm taking half day leave to fetch them from airport) so I'll be pre-occupied this week. I'll still be here from Wednesday and Thursday but most probably have no time to do LWOLAP episodic recaps. But I guarantee will follow up next week.

p.s. I'm leaving in half hour so I'll try my best to update the recaps for episode 1-2 before I leave, if possible. Check later in the noon to see if there's any new stuff.

Sehseh signing off for today and Tuesday!

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