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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Charmaine congratulates Benny

Yesterday Charmaine and Joe Ma were at TVB City, filming their new series "Phoenix Quartet". The scene take about Charmaine's character who dressed up nicely using the money meant to buy medicine for Joe. Instead, she bought the cheapest medicine for him.

Recently a tabloid published about a Taiwanese female broadcaster who admitted she had a one night stand with an actor who is a boyfriend of a HK's Fa Dan. The suspects in this case were Deric Wan and Benny Chan . However, since Deric and Sonija and already announced their split, that leaves Benny as the prime suspect.

When asked, Charmaine replied. "(Laugh) We never started anyway."

Don't you concerned about him? "I'm concerned of him, but not of his news."

Charmaine jokingly added: "Is he really that lucky? Then I'll have to congratulate him! 36F is huge!"

Does Benny like girls with 36F bosom? "I don't know. The next time I see him, I'll ask him for you." (LOL)

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